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Out of Body Experiences

Out-of-body Experiences: Divided Minds-Skeptic vs Experiencer

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) the Beginning

Fear of the Unknown in Out of Body Experiences

The Meaning of "OM"

Could Most Contact Experiences be OBEs?

Contact Experiences During OBEs

Out of Body Experience to an Alien World

Flying Cats Oh My! An OBE.

Frequency Rising: Electromagnetic-effects in Out-of-Body-Experiences

Journey to Another World

Seeing Past and Present Pets on the Other Side

Patient-Centered Care: Treating the Out-of-Body Experiencer

Out-of-Body Experiences and Self-Healing

Near-Death Experiences

I can see! Near-death experiences in the congenitally blind.

Possible electromagnetic experiences of NDErs, UFO contactees, and others, by Brent Raynes

My Near-Death Experience: A Continuation of Life

I Can See! Omnidirectional Awareness During NDEs

The Gift of Being

Cardiac Arrest and Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experience or Awareness Under Anesthesia?

Carl Sagan: Near-death Experiences and the Birth Theory

Past Lives

Remember When?

Fear and Phobias: Spontaneous Healing Through Past-life Regression Therapy

Who was I? Spontaneous Past-life Memories

Healing Through Past-Life Regression

Forensic Handwriting in Children's Past Lives

Past-Lives and Children Who Remember Them

My Past-life as a Roman Soldier

Ouch! The Spiritual Meaning of Back Pain

UFOs and Contact with Non-human Intelligent Beings

Possible electromagnetic experiences of NDErs, UFO contactees, and others, by Brent Raynes

The Impossible Visitor by Brent Raynes

Star People: We Are Among You Now

Project Blue Book: Bird, Balloon, or UFO?

Universe(s) and UFO's

Visits From the Afterlife: Energy Beings

Astronauts and UFOs

Wormholes: The Stuff of Science Fiction?



Divided Minds: Is Consciousness Inside or Outside of the Brain?

Am I Crazy? Differentiating Psychic from Psychotic

Extraordinary Healing

Am I Hearing Things? Telepathy in Extraordinary Experiences

Imagination and the Fantasy Prone Personality


Coronavirus and the ASP

What's the forecast outside? Sensitive people and weather "feelings"

Orbs: Dust Particles or Conscious Energy?

Does Human Emotion Physically Shape Reality?

Our Consciousness is Eternal and Exists Outside Our Physical Bodies

What Isn't Said: An Empath's Guide to Body Language

Interconnection to All Things

Empath Blues: Turning the Clocks Back

Shot or Not? Seizures, Brain Activity, and Paranormal Experiences

Amped Up? Electromagnetic Fields and Extraordinary Experiences

Why am I different?

Putting the Pieces Together

The Human Light Bulb: Experiencers And Electrical Devices



Imagine it. Believe in it. Create it.

Transcending the Present

Keeping Passion Alive

Vaccine for the Soul

Believe, Then Just Take the Jump

Summer of Love

Spiritual "Shoulds"

Managing Stress in Uncertain Times: The Tree Meditation

Owning My Words

Cat vs. Dog People

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Psychology and the Law of Attraction

A Very Pagan Holidays

The "Right" Way to Meditate


Spirituality and Aging

Wash Those Hands: The Pioneer of Infection Control

Let Your Weird Light Shine Bright

Imaginary Playmates or Not?

Sacred Spaces

Shadow People

Pets in the Afterlife

The Vibrational Healing Power of Cats