Barbara will be co-presenting with Lee Witting at the 2021 IANDS National Conference, 

Sat., Sept 4, at 7:00pm. More information to follow!

Barbara & Lynn's podcast schedule

IANDs NDE Radio with Lee Witting TBA

Wendy's Coffeehouse-KCMO AM Talk Radio, 3/16/2021

The Kevin Moore Show 3/23/3021

Into the Outer Realms Livestream 3/25/2021

6 Degrees of John Keel Podcast 4/12/2021 Barbara Mango

6 Degrees of John Keel Podcast 4/19/2021 Lynn Miller

My Independence Report  with Kevin McDonald 5/17/2021 5p ET


Sense of Soul Podcast 5/24/2021 12:30pm ET

6 Degrees of John Keel 6/14/21 Barbara Mango -Spiritual Transformation in the Dying

Expanding Reality 6/19/2021 5pm ET

Life Continuing Tania Berg 6/23/21 11:30am

Paranormal Podcast Adam Sanye 7/6/21 

Path 11 7/23/21 10:00am ET

AJ Rasmussen Podcast 7/28/2021 8:00pm ET

NDE Radio Lee Witting 8/9/21 Barbara promo for book/IANDS conference




Lynn and Barbara have co-hosted the following interviews:


William Buhlman

Interview with Diane Tessman

Interview with Dr. Greg Little

Interview with Anthony Peake