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Am I Hearing Things? Telepathy in Extraordinary Experiences

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Telepathy, from the Greek tele (“distant”) and patheia (“feeling”)

Telepathy refers to the ability to mentally transmit (telepathic communication) or receive (telepathic perception) information non-verbally. Telepathic communication is the ability of humans to communicate information from one consciousness to another, without the use of speech or body language. It is the universal language used to communicate during near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, unidentified aerial phenomena, and past-life recall.

How do experiencers of each modality describe this phenomena?

Near-death Experiencers (NDErs)

NDers consistently describe conversation in the non-physical, afterworld realm as telepathic. Researcher Vince Migliore conducted a research study with over seven hundred NDEers. His statistical analysis (which includes telepathy) was published in A Measure of Heaven: Near-Death Experience Data Analysis (2009). Migliore concluded that: “People hear voices during their NDEs, but this communication is a direct, mind-mind communication, and a mechanical vibration of sound. Those who report telepathic messages often note how precise the method is compared to the use of words. There is no confusion or doubt about the concept being conveyed”.

This unimpeded exchange does not necessarily take place in the native language of the person (NDEer). Yet, he understands perfectly and is instantaneously aware. He cannot even translate the thoughts and exchanges which took place while he was near-death into the human language which he must speak now, after his resuscitation.

-Dr. Raymond Moody, Psychologist, Author, and Near-Death Researcher

During my NDE, information was relayed from my grandmother’s spirit directly to mine. It imprinted itself on me without any effort on my part to understand or remember it—it became part of me.

-Penny Wilson, RN, Near-Death Experiencer

Perhaps the most remarkable telepathic communication is reported by profoundly deaf NDErs.

“Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled very swiftly through total blackness to the entrance of a churning tunnel, its walls reflecting the neon-blue color that my non-corporeal body was emitting. I still had all of my faculties and feelings … A low, steady droning sound filled the narrow passageway, this sound coming not from the walls but from me. As a profoundly deaf individual, hearing this sound was beautiful, since it brought comfort as would a mother’s voice for a child”.

-Near Death Experience Research (NDERF) Foundation, Anonymous Deaf Case Study

Out-of-body Experiencers OBErs

Lynn Miller is a life-long OBE experiencer, and co-author of Convergence, the Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences. She explains how OBE telepathy occurs below.

Personal experiences of Lynn Miller

My guides have always been with me, not just in this life, but over multitudes of lifetimes. They are my family, my friends, my teachers. Life on planet earth is difficult. We are here, and here we have this veil of forgetfulness and the feeling that we are separate from all things. We are in a denser state of reality, a lower frequency of being. When my guides made, their presence known to me, it seemed more like a metamorphosis. It was slow at first. When I first saw their presence, it was like looking at a silhouette of their form. A type of energy form. As my awareness and thought frequency increased, I was able to see them. I was confused at first because no words were spoken. I am an earthling and here we use our mouths to speak. It was a huge paradigm shift for me when I first began to understand how communication manifests inter-dimensionally. You can call it telepathy, but the best way to describe it is that it is a “knowing.” Our thoughts become entangled and merged into one. When I first experienced this, I went into fit of frenzy. I said, through spoken words (well at least it was my spoken words through my astral body), “You know me! You know all about me! You know all my darkest secrets and all my fears, and every terrible thing I have done … but you know me, and love me, and you do not judge me!”

Unidentified Aerial Related Contact (UAP)

Telepathy is the most constant feature reported in UAP-related contact. Numerous experiencers believe the unique physiology of non-human intelligent beings inhibits their ability to verbally communicate. For example, insectoids (insect-looking beings), are often described as having “slits” for ears with negligible mouths and noses. Additionally, gray beings, whether tall or short (ranging from approximately 3 ½ - 6 feet tall), are frequently reported as having no ears, a “slit-like” mouth, often with no teeth, tongue, larynx, or respiratory system; thus, lacking the basic aspiration required for sound formation.

The significant physiological differences between human and alien may marginally explain the necessity for reported non-verbal or telepathic communication.

However, it is far more likely that non-human intelligent beings (NHIs-commonly referred to as aliens) “speak” from higher levels of consciousness. In advanced, multidimensional realities, there aren’t any barriers between thought and understanding, or communicator and receiver. The idea that communication is restricted to verbal interaction is a purely human construct. Communication in the “3D” world of concrete understanding is restricted to our five senses.

Telepathic communication, however, is communicated via the sixth sense, in an instantaneous exchange of ideas, knowledge, and thoughts. It is a manner of conversation in which misunderstanding/misinterpretation is nonexistent. To consider the very concept requires “thinking outside of the box.”

Let’s suppose advanced beings vibrate at extremely high frequencies, while we “less evolved” humans vibrate at considerably lower and denser frequencies. A normal human can hear between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. (20 Hz is an extremely low pitch, or deep tone, while 20,000 Hz is an exceptionally high tone).50 Most of us are familiar with the proverbial dog whistle—the whistle that dogs (and yes, even cats) can hear, which is inaudible to the human ear. A dog whistle vibrates at frequencies higher than the human range, between 23–54 Hz.

Elephants, however, can hear frequencies that are too low for the human ear to detect. The lowest calls, the rumbles, often have fundamental frequencies in the infrasonic range (fundamental range from 5 to around 30 Hz) and are able to hear sounds from up to 5 miles away.51

If we creatively “guesstimate” that NHIs vibrate at frequencies between 0 Hz and 100 Hz, sensory communication between human and NHI would be impossible. Is it any wonder then, that telepathy is the universal, inter-dimensional mode of communication between all contact modalities?

Past-Life Recall/Regression

Telepathic communication in past-life regression differs from that in NDEs, OBEs, and UAP-related contact. Experiencers refer to this phenomenon as “body wisdom,” or the ability to comprehend non-verbal communication via sensing and feeling. As with telepathic exchanges, sensory information and images are transferred to experiencers directly.

During past-life regression, individuals enter a deeply relaxed state in which they are able to release the analytical tendencies of the left brain. Research demonstrates that deep relaxation activates enhanced right-hemisphere activity, associated with spirituality, intuition, sensory output, and auditory/visual awareness.

Once the left brain is stilled, full attention may be given to pure, intuitive information. As one enters an even deeper, more relaxing state of regression, continual mind chatter completely stops. At this point, individuals receive “sensory telepathy.”

Jenny Wade, Ph.D., conducted a pilot study comparing the similarities and differences between NDEs and post-death regression phenomena. A study participant reported he received, “Immediate knowing without all the filters and garbage we put in the way.”

Numerous hypnotherapists claim it is nearly impossible for clients to explain past-life telepathy. As past-life regressionist Eric J. Christopher asserts: “Words belong to the realm of our mind, and now information comes from beyond the mind in what can best be described as a ‘telepathic download’ of simultaneously occurring pictures, sense impressions, insights and/or instantaneous intuitive ‘inner knowings.’ Clients notice that words feel inadequate to describe what they’re experiencing, as if words capture merely the tip of an iceberg.”

Personally, I have experienced telepathic communication with deceased loved ones, non-human intelligent beings, God/Source, and spirit guides.

Most of us are telepathic to some degree. How many of us have thought about a friend or relative just moments before he/she called? Many parents report “just knowing” when something is wrong with their child, even if they are miles away. Identical twins often state, “We always know what the other is thinking.

I believe that experiencers are merely "wired"in a way that enable us to more easily receive this type of communication.

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