• Lynn Miller

Believe, Then Just Take the Jump

COVID and the lockdown had very little impact on my life compared to so many people. In April of 2019 I had lost my teaching job. I had several months pay before my finances changed. Then, I became eligible for unemployment, and by the end of the year, I was teaching part time online. So, I had been working from home for almost a year when things shut down.

So here we are in July of 2020. I had not had a full-time job since the early part of 2019. Yet, things have gone smoothly. While the world panicked and so many lost their jobs, I sort of just stayed low, out of things. Nothing really affected me. Or I just felt numb to it. Maybe I just felt overwhelmed at first and went inward. Life for us in Southern MO, did not change so much. I was still surrounded by the beauty of nature, I still had my lovely walks under the sky, and around running water. Schools shut down, restaurants closed and there was a lack of toilet paper.

When my daughter got into MSU Springfield, I made the decision that we were moving. It was time to leave Thayer, MO behind. It was time for both of us to start a new adventure, one together, yet also apart. I wanted her to have her freedom, and the typical college life. I wanted her to spread her wings and find her tribe. Yet I did not want to be far away from her.

I was determined and I put the Law of Attraction into action, and things just fell into place. Money came in when I needed it, I lived very frugally and without certain things, but then again, so did the rest of the world. I put forth a strong effort in looking for employment. I only had a couple of interviews when the perfect one came to me. I interviewed for a job to teach 7-12 science, at a town about 30 miles from Springfield. It was just not about the distance, but about the perfect fit. For one thing, the principle is cool, she’s a sci-fi fanatic, and down to earth. That Zoom conversation really clicked for both of us, I was in the zone. I thought… this is my school. So the next day she called and offered me the job.

So, in April I started looking for a place to live, I was not in a financial situation to buy a house. I wanted to, but you must have a full-time job to apply for a loan, so my only option was to rent. I concentrated on towns near my little rural school. I could not find one, rentals went very quickly. That was the biggest shock-half the houses in Thayer were empty, but things are not like that around a bigger city like Springfield. One particular renter told me that his house was going to be available, a really nice ranch house. More expensive than what I was hoping for, but my only option was to rent in Springfield, and have a longer commute. So, things got worked out. I managed to make a large move to a house in the country, that is only about 6 miles from my school.

The last 15 months had been full of unsure feelings of not knowing what was ahead of me. Throughout the roller coaster of emotions there was clarity, a knowing that everything was going to be ok. A trust in the Universe, and throughout the negative feelings. The Universe, in its grandeur, would make its presence known to me through synchronicities. All I had to do was keep putting my foot forward and take action. And I made it, to my new town, my new house, and soon to be new job.

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