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Contact Experiences During OBEs

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

This is a continuation of a previous blog: Could Most Contact Experiences be OBEs?

During some nights I would have multiple OBEs. Rarely do I have only one unless I completely wake up afterward. Usually, the experience will come, and I will go back into my body, after a brief time, the vibrational state will occur again, then off I go. Recalling multiple experiences can be exceedingly difficult, most often when the experiences are over an extended amount of time, they may be forgotten by our physical brains. Think about how hard it is to remember dreams. Because OBEs seem so real at times, especially at the beginning when you are in your bedroom or house, “reality checks” can be performed to make sure you are having an OBE. Usually, I do this by sticking my hand through the wall. When it goes through, I know I am having an OBE and concentrate to become more aware and in control, you see, OBEs can easily slip away, into dreams. Things get foggy and more dreamlike, so often we concentrate to have greater awareness.

March 2012, OBE Journal


I felt the subtle vibrations and raised out of bed, as I continued to walk, I found myself to what seemed to be a different house. I could see Joey (my oldest brother). I started to talk to him, and he could hear me but not see me. I thought that was so incredible that he could at least hear me. We were talking about things. I reached and touch him, I put pressure on him, and my fingers went through his arm and as I was doing that, he said he could feel it, like it was a type of cool sensation on his skin. I left the house and started to walk across the street to another house. There was a man walking towards me, I recognized him as one of my guides, he would take an appearance as a middle-aged Mexican man, his name is “Carlos.” It is Carlos that was not only a guide but a teacher too. Many of his lessons that I have had with Carlos are on the manipulation of matter on the astral. This also included the creation of vortexes into other dimensions. He spoke of future events. How there would be waves of negativity and dark times that were to come. Thinking back now, I wonder if he meant the world or me? He also said that I would fight this darkness and overcome it. Sometimes our guides are not too specific about things. Though as with many OBEs many other things were said but I must have lost awareness and I do not remember these things in detail.


After losing awareness I got up and walked around, but this became a false awakening and did not realize this at first. I went through the back door and notice that I was in a different house again. I walked through a gate of a white fence and saw a man walking towards me, I

said “Hey Daddy!” It was then I realized that I was having OBE and did a reality check. My Dad died in 1992, this was a brief encounter with him on the other side, I have had several with my Dad, I will later describe the more significant ones. The amazing thing about OBEs are the encounters we can have with past loved ones and pets. So, in this particular OBE, I wanted to go see the sun. To go out into space and see it close up. In OBEs I often ask to be taken to places, things, or beings. I kept jumping into the sky to take off flying, but I seemed to have had difficulty flying. This can happen if your energy or awareness is low. Asking for great awareness and control is something that I also do often because these things can easily slip away, and the experience becomes foggy. I got up into the sky and took off extremely fast and began flying towards the sun. I was out into space, but I did not come to the sun. I stopped near a gigantic round metal object. I was thinking, “this is not the sun!” It looked mechanical, shiny, and round. It looked like a huge spaceship. As I looked upon this amazing object in space, I was suddenly taken away to what seemed to be another planet. I was viewing this as if I was in the sky. I could see many people that look like humans, however, this civilization appeared to be highly advanced. The mode of transportation was quite different than our own. I went closer to look at one of these vehicles. I was about to enter the vehicle when the experience seemed to have ended, or I do not remember, I just know I was taken back to my body.

In my mind’s eye, I remember and see glimpses of so many other things. I just can’t recall them. It is as if I have lived other lives on other worlds, as someone completely different, and non-human. I often wonder if these are past or alternate lives, or are these beings letting me experience their life through their eyes. Could this be how they teach us? How they share with us? Many other OBEers often refer to our experiences as going to “night school.” Because many others also have experiences of being taught by mentors in grand places that resembled universities.

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