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Coronavirus and the ASP

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Coronavirus and the ASP - Coronavirus. Fear. Paper goods anxiety. Toilet paper panic. Food shortages. Hand-washing until fingers crack and bleed. Days spent driving from store to store, desperate for shelves to be restocked. I have never experienced anything like this in my lifetime, as I’m sure, neither have most of you. It is unsettling, and at times, surreal.

Why am I writing about the Coronavirus, and how on earth does it relate to those who experience extraordinary phenomena? Research indicates that there is a distinct “anomalous prone-personality type (referred to as ASP’s).” These individuals (myself included) have unique personality traits. Statistically, we also tend to have compromised immune systems. Thus, just as other immunosuppressed individuals, we are more prone to contracting the virus.

Indeed, ASP’s report high levels of somatic (relating to the body) sensitivities. Many of us suffer from one or more of the following (and underlying) conditions:

Autoimmune disorders including: Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Upper respiratory conditions such as: asthma, chronic sinusitis, and the propensity to develop bronchitis and or pneumonia.

Although most do, I am I concerned that some ASP’s may not take Coronavirus seriously enough. Why is this?

Psychological researcher David Ritchey has determined that although ASP's are more likely than most to suffer illnesses, they may also have the potential ability to recover from illnesses more readily and effectively than the norm. He proposes that altered states of consciousness may set the stage for healing.

Let’s examine the statistics for those who have had near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or have experienced unidentified aerial-related phenomena (UAP-related).

Near-death experiencers are those who have been declared clinically dead, yet are successfully resuscitated. Research demonstrates that after their NDE:

· Immune system strengthens: 80-95%

· Healing Ability 50-79%

· Increased change in energy level: 80-95%

Miraculous Healing

The late Dr. Barbara Rommer was an Internist and near-death experience researcher. As she observed:

“I have interviewed many NDErs who re-entered this lifetime cured of the physical illnesses that caused their deaths. I have painstakingly reviewed their complete hospital medical records. “My cases include people who have come back totally healed of kidney failure, end-stage liver failure, aplastic anemia (bone marrow shutdown), legal blindness, pneumonia, and cancer”.

Anita Moorjani, renowned speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Dying to be Me, describes her miraculous healing from end-stage cancer:

At age 42, I found a lump in my shoulder and was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system, better known as lymphoma. For 4 years, my body was ravaged by not only the disease itself but also my fear of it. My weight dropped to 80 pounds. I became too weak to walk on my own. And I started giving up hope that I would heal.

Then, one morning I didn’t wake up. My husband rushed me to the hospital where he was told that I had entered a coma and my organs were slowly shutting down, one by one. I didn’t have much time left. Prior to this point, doctors had conducted tests on the functionality of my organs, and their report had already been written. But in that realm, the outcome of those tests and the report depended on the decision I had yet to make—whether to live or to continue onward into death. If I chose death, the test results would indicate organ failure. If I chose to come back to physical life, they’d show my organs beginning to function again. About six days after coming out of the ICU, I began to feel a little bit stronger and was starting to walk up and down the hospital corridor for short periods of time before needing to rest.

Every day the doctor reported on my latest test results. “I don’t understand. I have scans that show this patient’s lymphatic system was ridden with cancer just two weeks ago, but now I can’t find a lymph node on her body large enough to even suggest cancer,” I heard him say.

To the amazement of the medical team, the arrangements they’d made with the reconstructive surgeon to close the lesions on my neck were unnecessary because the wounds had healed by themselves.

On March 9, 2006, five weeks after entering the hospital, I was released to go home. And I couldn’t wait to live my life with joy and abandon!

There are numerous success stories of individuals healing themselves and others during OBEs. The success rate however, varies. Some may attempt several times with little or no results, while others have had considerable success at achieving one or more of the following:

A reduction in the severity of the symptoms.

A rapid healing experience.

Disappearance of the health issue altogether.

Individuals who experience UAP-related phenomena report:

· 50% (for at least a short period) are able to heal others by touch

Why are certain individuals adept at self-healing while others are not? Perhaps experiencers believe they can heal themselves via focused intention and resolve. This conviction is essential in creating positive outcomes.

The following methods that experiencers have used that have produced success are:

Symbolically and literally entering and manipulating the energy body, directing healing intent-often manifesting as a type of unexpected light, directing affirmations such as chants, or sound energy, creation of symbolic healing imagery, seeking of information about the location, cause, and meaning of the illness, and or seeking or visualizing a doctor, guide, medicine, or healing environment.

Thus, is it possible to utilize healing intent or manipulating one’s energy to ‘repel’ illness, including the Coronavirus? Perhaps. Personally, I do not have the answer to this question.

As both an ASP and immunologically at-risk individual, I am erring on the side of caution. I believe, experiencer or not, it is critical that we all do so.

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