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Could Most Contact Experiences be OBEs?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Could Most Contact Experiences be OBEs? - Many individuals who have OBEs also experience contact with other beings, so my main question here is: Could most contact experiences be OBEs?

During OBEs, when we first exit our bodies, we are in the ethereal plane. This ethereal plane is closest to our physical bodies and can be often mistaken as the actual physical plane. One of the main reasons this is so is that it exists in real-time. The physical laws of both are similar. It is for this reason that many might find themselves in the Ethereal during an OBE and will assume that they are in the physical.

This often happens during “False Awakenings,” where you have the experience of waking up, but you are not awake. It feels real, very real, and often as you move on and do things that you would normally do after you wake up, you may notice things are different. Like the time on the clock may be off, or lights may be on when they should be off. Usually, some cue makes you realize that you are not awake, and you try to make yourself wake up.

Most Abductions Occur at Night

Most contact experiences and abduction scenarios occur while we are in bed at night. Very few occur during waking hours during the daytime while we are out and about. Many experience strange noises, lights, and sleep paralysis, all of these are common with OBEs. Do not think I am inferring that these experiences are not real. I completely believe they are real. My theory is that most of the contact with nonhuman intelligent beings (NHIBs) and abductions occur in the Ethereal Plane, and some in the Astral Plane. The entire experience from seeing beings, floating out of the window, and even seeing the craft and being on the craft my not be occurring in our physical dimension.

I have had experiences while lying in my bed of seeing vortexes and orbs floating above me. I have seen beings that seemed physical, and beings of light. I have felt touches and pressures upon my body, I have even had a physical healing during this time. All while lying in my bed. Others contact experiences have occurred beyond the ethereal, into the astral planes, where I have seen other worlds, and other cities.

When I first began my OBE journeys, I still had a lack of understanding of the inter-dimensionality of ETs or NHIBs. Even to this day, I question as to whether these beings are coming here in actual ships. I lean closer to the idea that contact and travel are all interdimensional. How else would they be able to travel hundreds to millions of light-years away? In this following OBE, I was given a reason to stop looking for space crafts and to look inward. This OBE is what I consider my first real contact with what I referred to as extraterrestrials from other worlds, and most importantly the message they were giving me.

September 2011 OBE journal

I went to bed after I had been up for a while, I had gotten up early... my intention for my OBE was to see their spaceships, many of them are cloaked around the earth, getting ready for "disclosure." (Back then this is what I assumed)

One thing that was different from the beginning... my thoughts kept throwing out so many random thoughts and images (while I was dozing off)... like it was in overdrive! I would see people, places, and events, but mostly faces of people.

I finally was able to feel the coming of the OBE... the feeling in my head, but instead of vibrations, it was a high pitch whistling in my head, quite different. Here is the funny thing, and I have not had this to happen to me before... Every time I exited; I was blind (like nothing new) but each time I tried to exit the house... I was blocked and snapped back into my body. I think I did this about 5-6 times... I was not angry, simply confused. And then this was shown to me... It was like a slideshow, but each time it was like I was there... for a couple of seconds each time.

It was worlds after worlds. But no cities, no towns, just nature scenes. Trees, terrain, animals I have never seen before. And some were of earth too. Like a slideshow, but I felt like I was there during each scene.

I think they do not want me to see their cities or spaceships. The message they were telling me is that they are of nature and are one with their own planets. Would you have imagined that? Not technological civilizations or interplanetary space crafts, but what they stressed was the nature of their own worlds because that is what they love most of all... not their advanced cities and spaceships, but their worlds, all life is precious to them. Anyway, that is what I took from the experiences.

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