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Extraordinary Healing

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I am recuperating from back surgery. It has been a stressful ordeal on many levels; surgery that was more complicated than expected, a hospital visit in which numerous medical protocols were broken, a poorly managed surgical office, and an allergic reaction to prescribed medication that nearly necessitated a visit to the ER.

Additionally, I am impatient by nature-thus creating an “impatient patient.” I push myself too hard, too fast, which results in set-backs and additional pain.

I am a Reiki Master who utilizes my own energy for self-healing. Reiki is an Eastern healing modality based on the premise that energy supports/stimulates the body’s natural healing properties. I should (I don’t like using “should” as it is a “guilt” word-but perhaps it applies in this case) be using Reiki techniques on myself several times a day to maximize healing. Yet am I? The answer is a rather obvious “no.”

As an experiencer of extraordinary phenomena, I realize that we each innately possess potential for self-healing. Many of us learn various modalities to enhance this ability; Reiki, mediation, yoga, tai’ chi, hypnosis, etc. Yet, others heal in profound and life-altering ways via near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and non-human intelligent contact.

Here are examples of such recoveries.

In near-death experiences:

I suffered multiple bouts of idiopathic anaphylaxis. Each resulted in respiratory failure, requiring me to be on a ventilator. During my eighteenth bout of anaphylaxis and respiratory arrest, I left my body and traveled to another realm, where I communicated with God. I told Him I didn’t want to keep having these attacks. When I asked if there was anything I could do to stop them, He replied, “Say yes when I put opportunities in your path, people for you to help and love, projects to get involved in—say yes.” When I woke from my medically induced coma in December of 2016, I decided to give saying “yes” a try. I’ve said yes to every opportunity God puts in front of me and have been free from anaphylaxis and respiratory failure ever since.

-Penny Wilson, RN and near-death experiencer

In out-of-body experiences:

Lynn Miller’s personal healing experience, via an OBE, on June 23, 2017:

I had gone to Tennessee because my mom was in the hospital. She was in the late stages of Alzheimer's. I had been going through very intense emotions. My mom had almost died, and I was also having to deal with my estranged brother who lives with her. I was making daily trips to the hospital to visit her in ICU. I had gone to my vehicle to get my phone charger. As I was getting into my car (a very high step up into my SUV), I felt a loud pop in the back of my knee. The pain was so intense that I almost passed out. I just sat there. However, I needed to get back into the hospital and I’d parked very far away.

The initial prognosis by my cousin (who is a nurse) and her husband (who is a doctor) was that I had a torn ACL, and would most likely need surgery. I did not have time for that. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk. I needed to make a trip home to take care of my animals, then back to Tennessee for my mom. I didn’t want to take the time or pay for the medical costs of surgery.

I am an art teacher (which means finances are always tight). I spend most of the day on my feet walking around my room and couldn’t handle the impact of my injury. I felt extreme urgency to try and heal myself. The injury happened on a Friday.

I laid down Sunday around noon before my return to Tennessee, hoping to have an OBE and heal my knee. I asked my guides to help. I felt the best way to heal my knee was to remain in the ethereal plane during my OBE. I remained in my body and did not exit, concentrating on my knee. I saw and was encompassed by a red light, while microscopic fibers of my knee were being pulled together by a loop. After an hour or so, I fell asleep. I was in a lot of pain before my OBE. So much so that I could not walk.

When I got up, the pain was almost completely gone, and I could walk. All that remained was a slight stiffness in my knee. Although animal healings occur infrequently, they have occasionally been reported.

In Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Contact

In excerpts from his book UFO HEALINGS: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials, author Preston Dennett relates an astonishing case:

Licia Davidson of Los Angeles, California, has been having UFO contacts for as long as she can remember. In 1989, Davidson was diagnosed with terminal cancer. By the time the disease was diagnosed, it had already metastasized to her colon, making it inoperable. She was given three months to live. S

She then experienced an abduction, during which she was placed on a table and given an extensive operation to cure her cancer. As she says, “I was abducted. They told me I had cancer. They said, ‘Relax.’ And they did a cure. It was excruciating.”

Licia was returned to her LA home. Upon her next doctor visit, it was discovered that all traces of her cancer were gone. Licia has recovered her medical records, and states that her cure has been verified by a major medical university. She also states that she fears the United States government (who has harassed her extensively) more than she does the aliens.

Although uncommon, animal healings have also been reported.

One summer afternoon in 1959, in Pleasanton, Texas, Susan Nevarez Morton, who was thirteen years old at the time, went to attend a cockfight with her sister and brother-in-law and his family. The entire group drove to the secret location and joined a huge crowd of people. In the center of the crowd, two roosters began to fight a battle which Susan knew would be to the death. The two roosters were fighting fiercely when suddenly Susan’s attention was caught by an “enormous red globe with two shafts of white light inching down towards us.”

Everyone watched in amazement as the beams targeted the two roosters, who were now lying still on the ground, nearly dead from their injuries. Then something amazing happened, “Their small broken bodies glowed eerily for a few seconds. Then slowly, they both got up on their little chicken feet and began strutting around with robust healthy enthusiasm.”

The crowd became extremely agitated, until, after a few moments, the beam of light retracted inside the object. Then the object changed from red to orange and streaked away at high speeds. The two roosters showed no trace of their former injuries, but not surprisingly, the cockfight was canceled.

We can see from the cases above that healing may occur outside of medically established, “normal” realms. Recovery may occur via self-healing (re: Reiki), or by undergoing an extraordinary experience.

I strongly believe that such cases, in addition to my own personal experiences, demonstrates the necessity for a new paradigm in contemporary medicine—one that is willing to address the question, “Is chronic disease really chronic?”

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