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Fear and Phobias: Spontaneous Healing Through Past-life Regression Therapy

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes intense, irrational, and often crippling fear of places, creatures, situations, etc. Approximately 19,000 Americans suffer from phobias. They often manifest in early childhood, around the age of 7.

There are numerous phobias. The most commonly known are Agoraphobia (fear of public places), Claustrophobia (fear of closed in places-think MRI machines!), and my personal favorite, Arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

For much of my life I suffered from Aichmophobia, or fear of sharp, pointed objects. In my case, I was irrationally terrified of knives and the potential harm they could cause. I was obsessed with them-I felt as if I had "knife-ptsd." Additionally, I had recurring nightmares of being stabbed to death. I knew this was not rational, yet my fear was overwhelming. Why?

Nothing in my present life explained this unfounded terror. Perhaps my anxiety was connected to a prior lifetime. The manner of one's death in a previous life may be intricately tied to a current, overwhelming, and often paralyzing phobia. For example, if an individual has an irrational fear of water, perhaps he drowned in a previous life.

Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-life regression therapy (PLRT) is a form of hypnotherapy that has been demonstrated to be particularly effective in the eradication of phobias. PLRT discovers the underlying root cause of fear(s) by examining the past-life associated with it. It's fundamental premise is that it operates within a holistic approach, that is, within a paradigm of the mind/body/spirit connection. Past-life regression therapy allows one to retrieve, then discharge phobic conditions. It is most often utilized when symptoms are unresponsive to traditional treatment/therapy.

Past-life regression therapy often results in immediate and permanent alleviation of phobias. Often, only one session is needed. Amazing! Yet, how is this possible? Perhaps psychological "issues" are embedded in the energetic fields of our current incarnation. Does past-life regression enable us to let go of negative vibrational patterns, carried from one life to another? Individuals under hypnosis appear to make energetic "corrections," alleviating phobias with lightening speed.

As I entered my 30's, I grew tired of perpetually fearing sharp cutlery. I made an appointment with a past-life regression therapist. After all, who in their right mind obsesses about carving utensils? Under hypnosis, I recalled a past-life in which my father was stabbed to death. In that life, I witnessed his murder. It was incredibly distressing. Yet, the memory of his traumatic death immediately and permanently freed me of my phobia. To this day I remain Aichmophobia free!

Past-life regression therapy has demonstrated that beneath conscious awareness lies astonishing abilities. Perhaps, most importantly, is the power to heal oneself and/or empower one to improve life circumstances.

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