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Fear of the Unknown in Out of Body Experiences

Updated: Jul 1

Fear of the Unknown in Out of Body Experiences - After reading books and conversing with other experiencers I knew that it was my time to begin my journey into consciousness. To be very proactive of my OBE journeys. Then suddenly I was afraid. I felt fear of the unknown. What was I going to encounter in this great abyss? Others have talked of their spirit guides, of connecting to other entities, ETs, beings from other worlds and other dimensions. Also, there was a lot of conversing about how in OBEs you face your fears! I thought of the things of nightmares, and of the deep dark stuff lurking deep in my subconscious. So here I was, after decades of having spontaneous OBEs being afraid of taking my first step.

So, I prepared myself to continue. I would set the plan in motion and set the intentions.

September 2010, an experiment on the astral from OBE journal

In the den of my house. I put a pencil and a pen on top of a couple of books to see if I can somehow manipulate them on the astral. The pen and pencil laid halfway off the books, I wanted to be able to push them or move them. This is an effective way to also concentrate on things while out of body. To help attune in your awareness.

I went to bed and woke up about 2am and got up for about an hour. I set my intentions to have an OBE and went back to bed and used a recording of binaural beats with headphones to ease my mind. At the beginning of the experience, I felt the vibrations come, and was in full awareness. I was extremely excited, and I didn’t want to get too excited because that can end the experience. So, I rose up out of bed and walked through my entire house. As I walked through the house, it seemed that the farther away I got from my physical body, I started to notice subtle differences in my house. My bedroom looked identical, but as I walked through the kitchen, things seemed to be rearranged. As I made it to the den, things started to become out of place, the computer was in a different corner. I looked for the table with the books with the pen and pencil on top. It was there. I reached out for it, and it seemed like I had difficulty touching it. For some reason, I thought it was funny and stood there laughing at myself trying to pick up the pencil and the pen. Strange how something like that was amusing. I turned around and I saw two figures standing in the den with me. Except I could not see them, it was as if I could only see their shadows except, they were not dark. I was not scared; I was very curious. I looked at them and tried to speak but it was as if there was no communication between us. I felt like I knew them, like they were my ken. They were my spiritual guides. The experience ended and I woke up, it was in the middle of the night, around 4am in the morning.

You would think that seeing the shadowy figures would have terrified me, but they didn’t. I realized that once I have separated from my body, the apprehension and fear were gone. It is like I am myself, my complete self, curious and not afraid.

When it comes to fear of the unknown in out of body experiences, our only fear is the fear that is within us. It could be that after a lifetime of spontaneous experiences that a part of myself naturally felt safe and in control, and I would naturally go to places that my soul was drawn to. Also, it might have been naivety on my part, to not be afraid. Something more childlike and trusting. I was a child of nature, who walked in the woods and discovered things, and played out scenarios in my mind. I never watched scary movies, nor did I read about ghosts and demons that took over people’s bodies. Even though I also had a connection to the stars and what is above us, I did not fear the life that existed on other planets. I loved the stars and spent most of my teenage years reading Isaac Asimov, and other great sci-fi writers. I was a stargazer and had telescopes to observe the night sky. The sky has always been a part of me from an incredibly youthful age.

Sleep Paralysis and the Hypnagogic State

From discussing with hundreds of others who have experienced OBEs, I have discovered that fear of the unknown is mostly through our own perceptions and views. For example, we all experience sleep paralysis. It is a natural physical state of the body. Our central nervous system disconnects from the body so that we do not “act out” our dreams. Those individuals who sleepwalk are somehow bypassing this. Also, everyone has experienced something called the “hypnagogic jerk.” Often as we fall asleep our body might jerk or spasm and wake us. This happens as our body starts to go into sleep paralysis and brought out of it suddenly. This phenomenon is so named the hypnagogic state — the transitional period between wakefulness and sleep. This state also known as the “Theta state” is important because it is the state in which we are in when OBEs occur. In the theta state our mind is awake, and our body is asleep. During this time, we will witness the vibrational state, which can be scary, and at the same time, be aware of our sleep paralysis because we car unable to move our body. Fear and an active imagination can play its role here. Many people feel as if they are being held down, some even imagine a scary being holding us down.

I also believe that as we have these experiences into consciousness, we often misinterpret their implications because of our own lack of understanding. We understand things on a human, earthly perspective. Our understanding and belief systems will influence how we perceive things during OBEs and in general, contact experiences with other beings. Fear of the unknown can play a huge role in how we interpret communication with other beings, or even the surroundings that we may find ourselves in. Even the lack of communication or understanding other non-human intelligences can put us in a state of fear and unacceptance. I have had conversations with many who have misinterpretations of experiences where they feel like they are being abducted or invaded upon. There is something that I completely and wholeheartedly believe in, and that is that experiences with other NHIBs (non-human intelligent beings) is a two-way communication, one that is at a higher spiritual level. Afterall, this communication is telepathic. Words have no meaning, but thoughts do. Through fear, we may feel also that we have a lack of control of the experience, I believe that the experience is mutual and that we can assert control and not feel invaded upon. I do not believe the encounters are just by chance and there is some level of understanding of mutual acceptance of both the being and the contactee.

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