• Lynn Miller

Flying Cats Oh My! An OBE.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021


I had laid down for a nap, in the late morning. I snoozed a little while. It seemed like I had my eyes barely cracked open and could see the light from the window, which is just a couple of feet away. I felt the vibrations come, subtle, like a slow wave. The light also seemed to radiate in the same rhythm going in and out with the vibrations.

I made myself be calm, to just lay there and relish in the vibrational state. I did not want to rush this. Instead of just raising up from the bed, I told myself several times. “Stand in front of the bed”. The vibrations subsided and there I was standing at the foot of my bed.

I wanted to get away from my body quickly, being too close to it sometimes makes me feel heavy and partially blind. So as I was walking into the hallway, I noticed the house started to change. I walked faster, then suddenly all five of the cats joined me. Cleo jumped up and attached herself to my chest, I could feel her grasp on me, the rest of the four, were flying next to me, I could see Reeces black silhouette.

As I exited out the door. we all went out together. We stopped on something, maybe a large tree branch. All the cats turned into humans, yet, they still looked like themselves! I would look at them, and knew who each one was. Cleo was a little boy, yet he had a calico appearance to him, he was also smaller, than the rest. Deandra the Siamese look like a pale ghost girl, with long white hair. She was beautiful. I cannot describe in detail the rest, but I knew each one of them.

I was talking to them, I was so happy, to be there with them. I cannot remember everything I said, we talked mostly about us having this adventure together. I looked at Cleo and asked her to talk to me. At first I couldn’t understand her or rather this little calico boy. I asked him to repeat himself, and with great concentration I began to understand Cleo.

There was a night sky, and we were all looking up at it, and I said, “Lets go!” and we all flew up into the starry sky together. Sometime later we landed, but I do not know exactly when or why, but that we had. I was standing on a street and there was a tunnel in front of us. I saw other people, the cats, I think, were still there and we were about to walk into the tunnel when the experience ended.

What sweet connections we have to our fur babies. Cleo is almost 15 years old, she is my soul kitty. This little beautiful soul is always by my side. All living things are interdimensional, they exist here and on the other side. Through love we develop a quantum entanglement, a bond that will exist through multiple lifetimes. Possibly perhaps she has already been part of my previous lives, or perhaps she is a fragment of my soul existing as cat in this life. I do know that if we pass from this physical world we will always be together, wherever that might be.

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