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Healing Through Past-Life Regression

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera was my dissertation advisor while I was pursuing my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Heather received her undergraduate degree in nursing. She additionally holds to two Doctorate degrees; a Doctorate of Law, and Ph.D. in Para-psychic Science. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-life Regression.

Together with her husband Mark Rivera, Heather founded the Past-Life Research Institute (PLRI), which is dedicated to scientific research and experimental investigation of past lives/past life therapies. The result of their research study was published in the Amazon best selling book, Healing the Present from the Past (Balboa Press, 2012). . As you can see, Heather has quite a broad-based resume!

Heather and I became much more than advisor/student. We became friends and colleagues. Soon after I graduated, Heather invited me to join the Board of the PLR Institute. We are both fascinated with the incredible healing power of past-life regression therapy, in which chronic illness, lifetime phobias, and deep psychological issues are often eradicated in just one hypnotherapy session.

I often speak of my complete phobic and physiological healing after a powerful and spontaneous (a past life recalled while in a fully conscious state) past-life memory. Although I have had hundreds of extraordinary experiences throughout my lifetime, my spontaneous past-life memories remain the most impactful.

Heather graciously agreed to share her own personal past-life regression story in our new book, Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences. I hope you will find it as compelling as I do.

Heather’s Past-Life Regression with Dr. Kannard

When I was young, I did not like anything touching my neck. I would not wear turtlenecks, scarves, or chokers. Interestingly, in 2000, a tumor was found on my throat area that required surgical removal. The panic I went through, as the surgeon’s blade lowered toward my throat, was more intense than would have been normal. It did not conform to my predisposition for “sucking it up.” Today I wear a scar on my neck from that event.

I also had recurrent issues losing my voice, and many days, for no apparent reason, I had absolutely no voice at all. This is despite three medical evaluations and speech therapy.

I went to see Dr. Kannard, a past-life hypnotherapist, on a Thursday afternoon. Dr. Kannard verbally coached me to relax my muscles, using guided imagery to take me to a deep level of hypnosis. She guided me to relax my muscles starting at my head and ending with my toes.

Next, she suggested that I imagine walking down a beautiful staircase . . . down . . . down . . . down. With each step down I would feel more and more relaxed, and I did. At the bottom of the stairs I would find myself in a lovely garden, exactly to my liking. I could see the garden in full detail in my mind’s eye. Hypnosis seemed to come easily for me. Finally, when completely relaxed and resting in the garden, she had me visualize a library.

The idea of a library was comforting and familiar to me, as I have always loved books and reading. Dr. Kannard suggested that in one of the rows of books there was a section with my name on it. I noticed that there was an area of books in which “Heather” was printed on the bindings.

One particular book seemed to beckon me. I pulled this book out and sat down at a desk in this imaginary library. As I opened the yellow, frayed pages, one page caught my attention. On the right side of the open page was a picture of a knight standing in front of a white horse. The horse was kneeling low. The knight was in chainmail, holding a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right. I could see the symbol or heraldry clearly that was displayed on his shield. His hair was wavy, dark, and partially covering his right eye. His face was drawn, thin, and his color was ashen.

Dr. Kannard instructed me to go into the picture, and within an instant I became the knight. I was no longer Heather. I was suddenly feeling the extreme weariness of battle and lack of food, yet I also felt a deep sense of duty and honor to a cause. I had a sworn duty to fight, but also an uneasy feeling that it was not a just cause. I was unafraid to die and would do so with honor. I had no sense of a woman in my life, only of my love and tenderness for my horse.

Dr. Kannard asked me to go further ahead in time. The next scene I saw was me in combat. The ground was green, and I was on foot, fighting with my sword tight in my right hand. My thought, as Heather, was “Shouldn’t I be on my horse?” But no, I was on foot. It is such a strange experience to have two thoughts in my head at the same time. Lying in the therapist’s chair, my right hand was clenched tight and held up as if holding the sword, and my left was holding my imaginary shield. I was unable to unclench my fists.

Suddenly, I was choking on blood. I’d been stabbed in the throat. Lying on the chair in the office, I felt as if my throat was closing up, I was gagging and coughing. Dr. Kannard instructed me to pull out of the body and watch the scene as if on a movie screen. I tried to do as she suggested.

The sensations felt so real, the pain, the choking; I couldn’t remove myself from him. So, I continued to cough and gag until finally the pain stopped. I felt as if I were floating. Peace. Peace is all I knew. My hands relaxed as I released my grip on my imaginary weapons.

This peace I have never known. No pain, no struggle, just an all-encompassing serenity combined with a lovely floating sensation. There was no tension in my body. I felt freer, less constricted and eternal. I had a sense of connectedness with all life and people. I could stay there forever. But Dr. Kannard was talking to me. I didn’t want to let go of my knight. I was still feeling him and didn’t want to leave, but she guided me out of that lifetime and into the present.

The session ends and I am overwhelmed. I hug her. As I’m thanking her, we both notice that my voice is clear and strong! I started out hoarse and at a whisper. Now I have a hearty voice again. I am ecstatic. Could it be that reliving the knight’s death has resolved my vocal problems?

In the days following, I awaken with a clear voice. Every time I answer the phone, I am pleasantly surprised. I become consumed with a desire to learn all about knights and research heraldry. I finally understand why I like certain cultures, music, art, and symbols and why I behave in particular ways and have specific quirks, ethics and a code that predate me. I have a better understanding of my fears and my strengths and where they originated. And although the healing benefits are surprising and I have a greater appreciation for my specific traits, this is not the revelation that I am still in awe over.

To me, the real meaning, the real message is more profound than just the knowledge that I was a knight or any other person. If we accept the idea that we are more than just what this current life tells us we are, the implications are far reaching.

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