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Interconnection to All Things

Anytime I have had paradigm shifts in my life they generally occurred because things that I once believed, or things that I thought I knew, shifted drastically. For example, one of the first big shifts I had was grasping the idea that there was not a God, “out there,” judging and punishing mankind, but instead, a divine universal intelligence that is in everything. This awareness caused some major shifts in my life, and it was as if the roof exploded, revealing the entire universe! It changed my perspective on so many levels.

Because that divine force is in everything, it makes everything interconnected. The statement “We are one” comes from that understanding. “Namaste”, the Hindu word meaning: “I recognize the God in you, as the God in me, therefore we are one. It is also important to understand that because that force is within us, we too become co-creators of our own life, or our own realities.

It is important to understand that once we realize that we are masters of our own universe, then we must take responsibility for our own actions and the life we create for ourselves. That idea is hard to imagine, when terrible things happen to us, but thoughts are energy, and that energy creates our reality, so living in fear, attracts more undesirable things in our lives. I take responsibility for all the bad, and the good in my life, because as I look back, when my life was not so good, it was usually because I was spiraling down with thoughts of negativity, which are fear, resentment, hate, judgement, etc. This aspect of creating our own reality is also known as the “Law of Attraction,” or you may refer to it as Karma.

I do not belong to any organized religions, nor follow any types of belief systems. I believe in my own experiences. We must take control of our own sovereignty because that is our true destiny. I am not saying that religion is all bad, it’s just that we need to be free thinkers and make our own choices. We do not need to be told how to act and what to think, because that knowledge is already in all of us, we just need to go inside ourselves to find it. That knowledge has been spread in different religions and beliefs. You might have heard, “The kingdom of God is within us.” We do not need to be told to have good ethics and morals, when that is already within us. It takes our own conscious actions to live that life, but it is always our choice to do so.

So, one critical point I am attempting to make is that because we are interconnected to all things, and to each other, this also means that we are connected to ALL things (and beings) in the universe.

This is important to understand for those who have had contact with NHIDs (non-human intelligent beings). It occurs because we are interconnected with them. During certain times when our energy (our minds) become synchronize to theirs… well, contact occurs. There are other reasons too why contact may occur, which I will discuss later.

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Barbara received her MA and Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Prior to receiving her post-graduate degrees, she worked as a pre-K to 6 educator. She currently researchers, writes, and speaks about extraordinary phenomena, the anomalous-prone personality, and consciousness. Barbara is a Board Member of the PLR Institute (Past-Life Research Institute), and served on the research committee for the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Consciousness and Contact. She has been published in blogs, print, and online magazines, and is a contributing author to the book, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, by Dr. Penny Sartori (Watkins, 2017). She has written her first book, Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences, with co-author Lynn Miller, MS.  Barbara is a life-long experiencer of inexplicable phenomena. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and three quirky, misbehaved felines.


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Lynn holds dual BA degrees in Psychology and Biology, and a MS in Biology. For several years, she worked in the food industry as a microbiologist. Lynn served as an Adjunct Professor at Pensacola State College, where she taught Botany, Microbiology, and Biology. She has taught High School Biology and art, k-12 for thirteen years. Lynn is a collaborating author in the upcoming book: "A Greater Reality" available Spring, 2020. She is a frequent co-host with Brent Raynes, Alternate Perception Audio Interview Series. Influenced by the work of William Buhlman, Lynn has practiced controlled out-of-body experiences since 2009.  For over fifteen years, she has extensively researched consciousness. 

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