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Journey to Another World

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Nov 30 2020

I had gotten up around 5am, had coffee, and went back to bed. It was already very light outside when the out of body experience occurred, probably around 8am.

I could feel the vibrations, very subtle, and I was concentrating on relaxing and making them stronger. I was also concentrating on my breathing. Most of this was very unclear. I am not sure how I exited out of my body, I do remember being in the living room, at least on my first exit.

I was outside and I asked to experience my higher self. I could see the sky, and things moved fast, and I was on what looked like another world. I could see a lot of light. I was standing, and I could see these beings, lots of beings, walking past me. It’s as if they did not see me. I was trying very hard to look at and communicate with them, but I just ended up standing there and watching them.

They were not human. Their skin color was similar to a Caucasian, except it was more orange. They were taller and their faces looked similar to human, however their heads were arched behind, like a curved cone. I felt no fear being around them. I felt that they were benign, yet, it was as if our consciousness were not in sync with each other.

I wanted to explore. I seemed to have flown in the sky, seeing strange white objects all around. Some things had a pointed aspect to them. I was walking around exploring and I remember touching something white. I was also losing my vision, and I started to ask for greater clarity and awareness. I asked for this repeatedly. I stopped and bent down to the ground, laying down. I was touching the ground, trying to concentrate to see better. I was focusing on my hands to get better clarity, my hands were touching the ground.

The OBE seemed to have ended and I was back on the couch, but as I lay there, the vibrations began again. This time I said, "exit now, next to the couch", and I was there standing in the living room. As I started to walk through the house, it started to change. I went into the bathroom, but I had only partial sight, like I was seeing though partly closed eyelids. I was demanding… “more sight now!” My sight would go in and out. I was in the restroom; I was trying to look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t see very well, but I was concentrating really hard. I could see someone in the mirror, it was me, but I looked different. I was looking at my eyes and they were sort of strange and different, and then I woke up.

Reflecting upon this, I realized most of all, that this world, not the beings, had a feeling of familiarity. I have been to this alien world of white many times in my travels. Some were brief moments-others were where I had explored its land and structures. It is important to note that I went to this place when I asked to experience my higher self. It was a place of peace and a higher vibrational plane. This I know- that I have a connection to other worlds. I often have dreams and visions of looking up at the stars, seeing a sky that is not of this earth, but of other worlds.

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