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OBEs and Passed Loved Ones

OBEs and Passed Loved Ones - Contact with NHIBs (nonhuman intelligent beings) make up a smaller percentage of my OBE experiences. Many of them are about my spiritual growth and awakening. Afterall, we are here on planet earth to live and exist. Through these experiences I work things out, I grow, I work out problems, I overcome boundaries and blocks within my life. I would say that these makes up a majority of my OBE experiences. Along with this spiritual growth comes a discovery that life is eternal, and I mean this in a BIG way. The most important discovery I have made through my experiences is the knowledge that this life we live in the here and now make up only an exceedingly small portion of our existence. I come to no longer have the fear of death. I have made contact with passed loved ones. My Dad, my Mother, my grandmother, and even my pets that have passed on. Our souls are forever entangled (connected) with each other, life after life. Our loved ones are sentient beings who experience their own spiritual evolution. But I feel that our pets, through our love and connection become even more interconnected to our soul, it’s like their evolution are part of ours. I say this because I so many times have seen my beloved fur children of past and present during my journeys.

March 2013 OBE Journal

I was intending the vibrations, concentrating in my head, taking the sounds from my sound machine and building a rhythm with them inside my head to where I could feel them. I felt the sensation in my heart, my heart beating fast.

At first it started as a false awakening because I remember the vibrations, but I do not remember exiting out of my bed the way I normally do. I did a reality test several times, noting that my hand went through the wall, I scratched at the inside of the wall, and felt the drywall chalky stuff in my fingernails.

Some of this goes in and out. I exited the bedroom and I ended up at a different house, not the condo. Mom was there, yet it was not her house either. I was with a guide of some kind, a younger Hispanic man (my guides seem to be Hispanic, I wonder why?) He walked me to the outside of the house, out of the front door. As I walked out the door, my Dad came to me, it was as if my guide was taking me to him, or arranging this meeting. I was so surprised! "Daddy"! I yelled. All we did was just hug each other in this tight embrace! He was younger, how he looked I would say in his mid 30's, long before he had his strokes and lost weight. We both just stood there, and laughing with pure excitement, I think I was crying and laughing at the same time! It seemed the embrace was for several minutes. Then I asked him questions, I do not remember what I asked, I wanted him to come and see mom, but my guide said he had to go back. The guide was explaining to me why my dad had to go, but I do not remember what he said. After he left with my dad I went back into the house. During this time, I felt myself slipping away, I was walking through the house, I stopped and demanded more clarity and awareness. I looked at my hands to concentrate, this time I had stubby fingers and I counted six! I kept walking through the house trying to concentrate on the surroundings. I was looking for Mom, I thought I saw her, but I am not sure. I exited the house and went outside.

I looked up to the sky and I started to talk to the ETs, “please show me what you think I need to see.” I jumped up into the sky, but I felt a little heavy, and I started to fly backwards. I felt heavy and I remember swooping down and feeling the sensations in my stomach. I thought I was heading to something specific, but I woke up instead. I think that I already saw what they intended me to see... it was my dad.

Seeing our Past Pets

In early June of 2017 I lost my dear dog Amos, through a stupid accident. I was so heart broken, and angry at myself. However, it was not long afterwards that Amos would appear. I was trying extremely hard to have OBEs for the purpose of seeing him again. It was quite surprising that the times I saw him were as if he never left, as if he was always close to me, just like he was before his death.

July 2017 OBE Journal

Got up early, around 6am, stayed up for a couple of hours, then took a nap on the couch. It seemed I had been asleep on and off before the vibrations came. I think I remember a light vibration, and several OBEs followed, but they seem very hazy….

In one, as I raised up from the couch, Amos appeared, to the right of the couch, I also saw the cats. Amos was incredibly happy to see me (just like he always did), and I was so happy to see him. I bent down to hug and pet him. It meant so much seeing him.

To Amos, nothing changed, expect he was younger and healthier, he was 14 when he passed over. He was still here, always next to me on the floor when I was in my computer chair, or on the couch, or at the foot of the bed at night. Between wake and sleep I still see him, and I could smell him, at times I could hear him bark, or do his little yawn. Its like for Amos, nothing has changed.

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