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Orbs: Dust Particles or Conscious Energy?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Orbs: Dust Particles or Conscious Energy? What are orbs? Skeptics dismiss them. Experiencers insists they are spheres of intelligent energy.

Orbs are commonly defined as round globes of light. They seem to float in mid-air, yet can ‘move’ or ‘glide’ extremely quickly. Orbs appear in a variety of colors; white, green, red, blue, transparent, and translucent. Orbs are widely believed to be the manifestation of discarnate spirits, Native spirit-energy, soul/consciousness energy, energy fields, thought forms, or inter-dimensional beings. Perhaps orbs are a form in which spirit is best able to travel. They may be as small as coin or several feet across.

Orbs are most commonly observed in sacred sites, cemeteries, or historic locations.

The vast majority of orbs are not visible to the naked eye and are only captured via photographs, most especially in flash photography. Thus, ‘orb skeptics’ abound, attributing the phenomena to nothing more than spots on a camera lens.

As Fuji Film explains:

"Floating dust particles may cause white spots appearing at different positions on pictures taken by a digital camera using a flash. Dust in front of a subject reflects the flash light and the image of the dust is captured out of focus. Dust, snow, rain, pollen, condensation, or any small airborne particles may cause the same problem. The particle will appear light and big because it is out of focus; it may assume a shape similar to the aperture of the camera, usually round."

My first experience with orbs occurred in Stepney Cemetery, Monroe, CT.

Dating back to the 1700’s, it, like most of New England, is historic, beautiful, and serene - surrounded by a rural and picturesque New England Green, white clapboard churches, and gentle, rolling hills. Yet, this infamous ‘last resting place’, is considered to be one of the most haunted and terrifying cemeteries in the United States.

The creepy, hair on your neck raising activity begins here at nightfall. This is when the strange and inexplicable begins; disembodied footsteps pace, spirit incarnations manifest, malevolent energy threatens, and ectoplasmic blobs (commonly referred to as orbs) appear.

Stepney Cemetery is also the final resting place of both the late Ed Warren (world-renown paranormal investigator, demonologist, author, and lecturer), and his wife Lorraine (paranormal investigator, clairvoyant, and light trance medium). Although the Warrens were prolific investigators, The Amityville NY investigation, and subsequent book and movie (The Amityville Horror), was their most prominent case.

The Warren’s occasionally hosted “ghost tours” in Stepney Cemetery, led by their son-in-law Tony Spera (paranormal investigator and current head of the New England Society of Psychic Research) Intrigued by investigating an infamous and haunted graveyard, I signed up for the tour.

Tony had filed a permit with the town of Monroe to allow our group access from 11pm-12am. We filed into the creepy, inky-dark cemetery, filled with excitement and much trepidation.

At midnight Tony led our group out of the cemetery. Iwas the last to leave. As I neared the exit gate, I gasped. Three blue luminescent orbs of varying sizes instantaneously appeared 100 yards away. The largest orb was approximately five feet in diameter, the smallest, 18 inches. I was grasping a small flash camera (which I had never before used and was unfamiliar with), yet, I was too overcome with emotion to use it. Thus, and quite unfortunately, I have no photographs of this spectacular sighting. Today, I would take video (or 2 or 3) of this spectacular phenomena. However, iphones, which are literally glued to our hands and faces, did not exist in 1999. Apple released the first iphone in June, 2007.

I am often asked if, at that moment, I was afraid. Of course I was. I was terrified. Yet, at the same time, I was utterly mesmerized. The orbs were a beautiful and shimmering shade of blue. Incandescent. Many believe that blue orbs symbolize calming and healing energy. They certainly appeared to be benevolent.

The orbs slowly moved towards me in a spectacular manner. They weren’t just moving, they were dancing - weaving and bobbing, floating upwards, downwards, diving into the ground and back out. Merging into one another, and then separating, as they slowly approached me - as a moth to a flame.

I sensed they possessed an innate, deep intelligence - a conscious and spiritual energy. They were moving towards me with purpose and intention. I had the distinct impression they were attracted to my energy, my being, and my ability to perceive them. I stood perfectly still, barely breathing nor blinking - never taking my eyes off of this magnificent phenomena. I eagerly awaited their approach and possible communication. I felt personal contact was imminent.

Other-worldly entities are believed to vibrate at a higher energetic rate than human beings. I came into this world ‘wired’ differently than most - more attuned to higher energetic frequencies and vibrational levels than others. I believe I can see and communicate with ‘spirit energy/orbs’ because we are a close vibrational ‘match.’ Think about it. If orbs are indeed conscious beings, we are not separate from them; they merely reside in a different frequency. If we can dial into this frequency, communication is possible.

Orbs exhibit consciousness

So when it comes to orbs: dust particles or conscious energy, I had witnessed an aspect of consciousness, unbounded by space and time - materializing in non-human form. It was then, and still remains, one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of my life. I was convinced then, and remain to this day, that I witnessed a physical manifestation of human consciousness.

Orbs exhibit consciousness and can respond to requests by appearing in meaningful places at meaningful times. A growing number of people are experiencing the orb phenomena as a spiritual, transcendental, or other-worldly event. Orbs have been sighted during out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon sightings, and Past-Life Regression Therapy sessions.

As Virginia Hummel, an acquaintance of mine, and Chairman of ORB Encounters at ETERNA (The Convergence of Science and Spirituality for Personal and Global Transformation) states:

Currently, there are two different scientific theories as to the physical makeup of orbs; subtle energy i.e. Chi, Prana and Life Force, or plasma.

Orbs are a beautiful demonstration of manifesting physical reality through consciousness. They are the most readily available proof of the existence of life beyond our third dimension. As the veil thins between worlds, we are afforded the opportunity to connect with the magic and beauty of spirit. We have been given a window to the divine. Thanks to the digital camera, we now have a visual experience that quite possibly validates for the first time what mystics, spiritual leaders, and religious doctrine have expressed for millennia: that we truly are eternal beings.

For those brave souls who wish to investigate this phenomena:

Stepney Cemetery is located off Route 25, adjacent to the Stepney Green, Monroe, CT. It is open daily, 24 hours.

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