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Our Consciousness is Eternal, and Exists Outside Our Physical Bodies

There is a huge correlation between eternal consciousness and communication with non-human intelligent beings.

You might ask, "How is this linked"? I do know, that as eternal beings, we incarnate into multiple lives. I often wonder if our consciousness exists in multiple dimensions all at one time. This does align with the Quantum Hologram Theory of Human Consciousness. We are like computers where each individual's information is stored in the ether of the universe, along with all conscious information. I guess you can look at this as the internet, enabling ALL life to have the capacity to retrieve information. It has been scientifically proven that our brain cells and DNA are quantum in nature. This means that these structures are capable of existing in more than one place at a time, in and out of multidimensions. It is a self-correcting system that enables the organism to evolve.

By existing in this “quantum computer,” our consciousness enables us to have multiple lives and multiple incarnations. Each life adds to the computer hard drive. We are not alone in this universe, and go through these life simulations together. Have you ever felt a deep connection to a person? Even to a person you might have just met? It feels like you have known each other for thousands of years. Not all souls (consciousness) will incarnate together. Look at the broader picture here-beyond at the size and scope of the universe. We may also experience lives on other worlds, planets, and dimensions.

The beings we form bonds with as we go through life, and life itself, become quantum- entangled with us...meaning, they are always a part of us. We can have this connection with all living things. During my OBEs I have seen my pets, past and present, possibly even ones I have spent other lifetimes with. They too, have ways of incarnating back into our lives.

My guides have always been with me, not just this life, but in multitudes of lifetimes. They are my family, my friends, my teachers. Life on planet earth is difficult. We are here, where a veil of forgetfulness lays over us; the feeling that we are separate from all things. On earth, are in a denser state of reality, a lower frequency of being. My guides slowly made their presence known to me. When I first saw them, it was if I were looking at a silhouette of their form. As my awareness and thought frequency increased, I was able to see them. I was confused at first because no words were spoken. I am an earthling, and here we use our mouths to speak... It was a huge paradigm shift for me when I first began to understand how communication manifested inter-dimensionally. You can call it telepathy, but the best way to describe it, is that it is a “knowing”. Our thoughts become entangled and became one. When I had my first experience, I went into a frenzy fit… I said, through spoken words (well at least they was my spoken words through my astral body) … “You know me! You know all about me! You know all my darkest secrets and all my fears, and every terrible thing I have done… but you know me, and love me, and you do not judge me!” After that, I felt complete transparency with them. My journeys to other worlds, to other dimensions, to other races and civilizations, have always been with complete transparency. There is no deceit, there are no lies, there is only truth.

Back to the question, "Who are they? Who are these beings that we contact through diverse types of extraordinary experiences?" They are part of us, they are our soul-mates... entangled beings. No matter how strange my experiences are, whether I am flying over mountains and forests, in the oceans, and especially on strange and other worlds, the beings I encounter are my family. At times, they may look human, humanoid, or alien in appearance. I may meet them in other worlds, or have an encounter with them in my room at night. Their appearance might be strange to me for a split second. Then, I understand that they make their presence known to me because I am them, and they are me. In my earthly existence I might have forgotten about them, but in this strange and unusual encounter, I remember!

In my experiences I have not only sensed the presence of sentient beings, but I have also seen and interacted with them. These beings vary widely in their appearance, many that I interact with are what I refer to as my guides, and many times they are human. I truly do not know if my guides are actual human beings, or if they just appear that way. This has nothing to do with their ability to disguise themselves as something different, or if they just appear this way to not frighten me. It’s more like, this is the way “I” see them, from my own screening process in my conscious mind. Besides human types, I have seen blue beings, red beings, beings that look like large brown fuzzy bears, very tall white beings, and beings that look like mantids. I’ve also seen them in light form. This light form can be humanoid in shape, or appear as spheres of light. During hypnogogic imagery, ethereal projection, astral projection, remote viewing, and dreams, they are all interdimensional in nature.

September 2011 OBE Journal

As I am trying to drift off to sleep, I am starting to be able to tell from the feelings in my head that somehow, I am ramped to have OBEs. I can just get the feelings in my head that the timing and situation is right. The vibrations are now replaced with these very subtle pressures and feelings in my forehead.

Throughout the night, I woke up several times, then I would go back to sleep. I kept noticing three bodies standing next to me, like right next to me in bed! I did not experience any intense fear of any kind, just an irritation and confusion. I did however feel a little startled because I looked over next to me to make sure Anna was ok, she was fine and asleep.

I kept reaching out and leaning up, touching this being, in the shadows I could see that there were three of them. One, closet to me, I would touch their face, could feel their nose, mouth, I would go down and I could feel their arms and torso. Sometimes they would lean over on me in bed and then I would reach out and touch them, feeling them. They appeared very tall, and even though I could not see a lot of detail, they seemed to be in robes.

I do not know what they were doing, I could feel them touching me, in my head and other parts of my body.

It was not much later that I had another encounter. I wokeup in the middle of the night, and saw a being looking at me through my window. This time, I was able to see more of the entity. It was tall, slender, and had a very feminine appearance. It glowed brightly in the night. Again, I was not afraid.

As the years went by, I learned and understand more, (mostly from reading about other people’s contact experiences and researching more about the UFO phenomenon). I have come to my own conclusions. Many may disagree about my views when it comes to contact with ETs and UFO abductions. The questions I often ask myself is this… Could most contact experiences be OBEs?

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Barbara received her MA and Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Prior to receiving her post-graduate degrees, she worked as a pre-K to 6 educator. She currently researchers, writes, and speaks about extraordinary phenomena, the anomalous-prone personality, and consciousness. Barbara is a Board Member of the PLR Institute (Past-Life Research Institute), and served on the research committee for the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Consciousness and Contact. She has been published in blogs, print, and online magazines, and is a contributing author to the book, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, by Dr. Penny Sartori (Watkins, 2017). She has written her first book, Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences, with co-author Lynn Miller, MS.  Barbara is a life-long experiencer of inexplicable phenomena. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and three quirky, misbehaved felines.


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Lynn holds dual BA degrees in Psychology and Biology, and a MS in Biology. For several years, she worked in the food industry as a microbiologist. Lynn served as an Adjunct Professor at Pensacola State College, where she taught Botany, Microbiology, and Biology. She has taught High School Biology and art, k-12 for thirteen years. Lynn is a collaborating author in the upcoming book: "A Greater Reality" available Spring, 2020. She is a frequent co-host with Brent Raynes, Alternate Perception Audio Interview Series. Influenced by the work of William Buhlman, Lynn has practiced controlled out-of-body experiences since 2009.  For over fifteen years, she has extensively researched consciousness. 

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