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Out of Body Experience to an Alien World

In this continuation of Could most contact experiences be OBEs, I had an out-of-body experience to an alien world.

The experiences I have with OBEs do not always occur at night. Often I have better luck taking a nap in the late morning or early afternoon. Day naps have worked well for me, I think that the light coming from the windows might enhance the hypnogogic state at which OBEs occur.

November 2011 OBE journal

I laid down around 2 pm and listened to some new isochronic tones I had downloaded. It seemed to have taken a while as I was going into and out of sleep. The vibrations came, these were somewhat louder, and it felt like my breath was being taken away, and my heart was beating rapidly, and the vibrations got so loud, they seemed to spread to each side of my head, and it was even slightly painful. I exited and things were foggy and dreamy. I made it outside to my yard. I was trying to focus more, to become more aware. I saw someone, some young man, I walked to him and he was wearing a necklace with some type of pendant. I picked up the pendent, to look at it, to concentrate, it might have looked like a cross, but I was not sure. I started to fly, I seemed to have gone place to place, I remember seeing buildings, towns, many different things, and I started to get frustrated, going from one place to the next. I asked to be taken to a higher plane and to be able to have 360-degree vision. The environment did change, and I was in a strange-looking place, things were all grey and misty like I was in the clouds. I could see shadows of people in this misty place, but I could not see their faces or body, but my sight was still just forward, I did not have a 360-degree vision and I was disappointed.

Then I went back into my body. I exited again and was back in my front yard. I started to fly high and I asked to be taken over mountains, things seemed to be going so fast, but I could see mountains, then I went up and up, and up so fast. But I was not alone, I could feel the presence of someone, but I could not see them. It seemed like this entity was holding on to my arm as we flew in space. I could see stars, so many stars, the sparkling of the stars was so breathtaking, they were so bright! The stars seemed to have disappeared and it was just the darkness of space. We were then on some planet, I looked at its sky, the sky was a night sky I could see its moons, it was a very strange looking sky, I have seen it before. Daylight started to come, and I was taken to some type of platform near a beautiful ocean. The day was bright, and I could see the ocean around me. I could see other people, they looked human, but they seemed to fear me, and I did not understand why. I started to look up and the day was changing back into night again, half of the sky was dark, and half of it was light (again, this looked familiar, something I have seen before). On the boat was a strange-looking alien creature, it had white armor on it, the people on the boat feared it. This creature was about 10 feet tall. It grabbed me and held me up like it was trying to take me. For a split second, I did feel fear, but I looked at it and I said. “I am a traveler, you cannot hurt me,” so it put me down. I was looking up at the sky, and I said, “I am going back home,” and I went straight up into the sky. As I was flying I said “wake up” and I woke up.

In this Out of Body Experience to an alien world, this OBE was extremely powerful. Could I have been experiencing this as a traveler or was this a past memory that I was able to experience during an OBE? The surroundings felt familiar to me like I had been there before, especially the sky. Often in dreams and during OBEs, I am looking up at the sky. At the stars, and they seem to call to me. Sometimes the stars start to move and form symbols or turn into ships that fly towards me. In these experiences I am longing to go home, I feel this extreme feeling of loss and loneliness.

Most of my experiences are intertwined with the beauty and oneness of nature. From my understanding and what I have learned from my own encounters with the ETs and other NHIDs, is that all life is precious and sacred. It is for this reason, that as we have our journeys into consciousness that our worldview drastically changes to a more holistic view. Material things no longer matter, we become very different people.

May 2011 OBE Journal

I looked at the beauty of my surroundings. There were trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. Every living thing was glowing with incredible colors. I laid down on my stomach to look at the grass and the dirt. I wanted to see more closely. The ground was moving in slight waves as if it were alive and breathing. I laid there for a while. It was breathtaking. My awareness was greater than anything I have experienced in the physical reality, but most of all I felt this sense of pure love and oneness with my surroundings. I was no longer me, but everything around me. I rose and began flying into the sky.

I asked for greater awareness. I said, “Please take me where I need to go.” I began to move but was suddenly blocked by a barricade of some kind. It was huge, round, and black. Everything black, yet, I could see the stars. I heard loud beautiful music playing loudly in all directions. I didn't recognize it, but it was exquisite. Something told me to pay attention to the barricade. As I stared at it, symbols began to appear, etched into the barricade itself. I could not understand them. They may have been written in an ancient language. They were both beautiful and elegant and took my breath away.

In these journeys of out-of-body experience to an alien world, so often I come across these symbols of what appears to be an ancient or alien language of some kind. These symbols appear often in the sky, on gates, and in my field of view. I know that they are important, and I also know that many other people with who I have communicated also have experiences of seeing symbols.

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