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Project Blue Book: Bird, Balloon, or UFO?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I have always believed in the existence of life on other planets populated by non-human intelligent beings. I consider it naïve and somewhat human-centric to believe that in a universe filled with billions of planets, Earth is the only world capable of sustaining life with advanced beings.

A 2020 Swedish study proposed there are not just billions, but quintillions of planets in the universe. It has been estimated that are 70 quintillion planets-or the number 7, followed by 20 zeros. This is a staggering, mind-blowing, nearly inconceivable number.

Since childhood, I have believed it was not if, but when I would see a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). I would constantly scour the skies looking for unusual, inexplicable phenomena, becoming frustrated when day after day, nothing appeared. Until, one remarkable day, it did.

Personal experience of Barbara Mango

UAP Sighting: March 20, 1966 12:00 p.m.

Location: Shawnee, Kansas

On Sunday, March 20, 1966, a blistering heat wave held Shawnee, Kansas, in its grip. For ten consecutive days, record-setting temperatures soared into the eighties. Central air conditioners blasted, while parents dug shorts and T-shirts from summer-clothes bins. Sunday's forecast called for a beautiful, sunny day, with a predicted high of eighty-one degrees.

In my house, nice weather was synonymous with two dreaded words: yard work. My parents ordered me outdoors to rake leaves. I was dutifully raking (and sweating profusely) when, out of the blue, a dark shadow covered our entire lawn. Since when do enormous shadows appear in cloudless blue skies? What was going on? I abruptly dropped my rake and looked upward.

A massive, cylindrical disc hovered five hundred feet above me. It was majestic. I stared up at the matte-silver craft in amazement. It was approximately the circumference of two football fields, with evenly-spaced, oval windows encircling it. We stood in awe of the object as it silently hovered, motionless in the sky.

A low-flying UAP had appeared instantly and in broad daylight, making it impossible to mistake for anything else. Fearless and with utter calm, I gazed up at the craft, while its occupants engaged me in a telepathic conversation.

“FINALLY!” I said. “I've been waiting for you to appear my whole life!”

Silently, the UAP occupants relayed to me:

“We know. You've always understood that the universe is unimaginably vast, containing billions of habitable planets and other intelligent life forms. We ask that you share our mission of peace and concern with the ecology of your planet. We are here to observe you, just as someday, in the near future, you humans will examine moon rocks and lunar soil samples. We ask that you share our mission of peace and concern with the ecology of your planet.”

Little did I know, that in a few short years (between 1969 and 1972), 842 pounds of lunar rocks, including core samples, pebbles, sand and dust, would be retrieved from the lunar surface, via six Apollo missions.

Instantaneously, the craft evaporated into thin air. I recall excitedly thinking, “I couldn't hear the UFO because it moved faster than the speed of sound, and I couldn't see it appear or disappear because it traveled faster than the speed of light!”

In retrospect, it would have been impossible for me to grasp the laws of energy, waves, vibration, or motion. My biggest “scientific school challenge” at the time was tackling “health and fundamental science.” It definitely wasn't rocket science. Yet, during the encounter, I understood the principles of physics effortlessly. It never occurred to me how I knew—I just KNEW.

I never doubted the validity of the UAP phenomena I witnessed. The incident was briefly reported in our local paper. However, I wanted hard evidence. I searched for years to no avail. Decades later, a friend asked if I had ever looked for my sighting in Project Blue Book (PBB).

What exactly is Project Blue Book, and how does one research a sighting?

Project Blue Book was the third in a series of studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force (USAF) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio). The program began in 1952, and was officially terminated in December, 1969.

The two objectives of the project were:

1. To determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, and

2. To scientifically analyze UFO-related data.

In total, Project Blue Book reviewed 12, 618 reported UFO sightings. After stringent analysis, the vast majority were determined to be natural phenomena, such as clouds, stars, birds, comets, hoaxes, balloons, conventional aircraft, or secret reconnaissance planes.

Yet, to this day, 701 sightings remain “unidentified or inexplicable.” In other-words, most probably the "real deal." My sighting was among these.

I was determined to find my 1966 sighting in the PBB archive, yet, I was unprepared for the vast amount of work and time involved ….I felt as if I were on an archeological dig. It is especially challenging research as eye-witness names and associated information has been redacted by the government.

Project Blue Book archival information is voluminous, encompassing thousands of pages. It is tedious to comb through-thousands of pages stored in outdated, microfiche format. Remember the terms microfiche, microform, and microfilm? The “good old days” before the internet? Back ‘then’, microform was the standard technology used to store and access documents on film. Microform enabled one to transmit, store, and view both film and print documents.

(for an imagine of microfiche/microfilm www.

Combing for days through the voluminous online archives, I was finally able to find verification of my childhood UAP sighting (Nara-PBB1-364, Roll 1, March 1–22, 1966 sightings).

To any of you wishing to investigate a sighting-I would suggest the following:

-Be prepared to learn “old fashioned” research techniques, aka microfiche

-Be patient.

-It is expeditious to search by the year, month, and if you are lucky enough to remember, the day of your sighting. (I remembered the year and month, yet spent excessive time combing through every day of that month!)

-Don’t be discouraged (or annoyed) by endless, blacked-out (redacted) information

-Don’t give up!

Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others it's unclear. All these phenomena are worth researching.


I agree. Researching and confirming my sighting was enormously validating. Now, it felt really REAL!

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