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Putting the Pieces Together, Why am I different?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Putting the Pieces together, why am I different? From the time I was verbal, I knew I was different. What normal two-year-old comprehends that other dimensions exist beyond space and time? I received this information from a loving, non-human entity who frequently visited me. I don’t remember our conversations in detail, however, I know they concerned space-time, the cosmos, and the meaning of existence. I spoke to beings only I could see and remembered past lives. I knew, unequivocally, that earth was not my “real” home and merely a 3-D construct. My mother once said to me, “If I didn’t remember giving birth to you, I would never think you were mine. You are so different from the rest of us.”

Spiritual Transformation

I will never forget that comment. Throughout my childhood, I felt like an unloved and misunderstood “freak", why am I different? As an adult, I continued to have experiences. Many were luminous and awe-inspiring, while others, were plain terrifying. Yet, I noticed numerous commonalities between them, which I consider to be "interlocking pieces" of the same puzzle I'll call "Beyond Consciousness." All have:

-Permanently/beneficially transformed my life and expanded my world-view

-Occurred in multiple dimensions outside of time and space

-Nearly all have happened spontaneously, during full consciousness

Understanding the interconnectivity of my experiences allowed me to slowly integrate them, into understanding why am I different. Once integrated, I no longer felt like a "freak". I now proudly own my "different-ness". To all experiencers- Let's reframe the way we view ourselves. Our "weirdness" is our uniqueness.

"I realized my strength was being different."

-Betsey Johnson

If you are interested in reading more about embracing your uniqueness read our chapters in our new book Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences. In our book we talk about The Anomalous-Prone Personality, and Transformational After affects of Extraordinary Experiences.

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