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Seeing Past and Present Pets on the Other Side

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Seeing Past and Present Pets on the Other Side - Do our pets go to the afterlife, and can we interact with them? Absolutely Yes!

My beliefs are based on my own personal experiences. I have seen on multitudes of occasions, pets of past and present… and possibly even future pets or maybe fur babies from a past life.

I have bonded with many cats. I have lost many of my precious companions throughout the years. I am not sure if the quantum entanglement of dogs and cats differ. The love and bond of both are permanent. Though I think that cats tend to express their affection differently in the worlds beyond.

I have only really had one dog my adult life, that was mine, that I was completely and truly attached to. Amos was his name, a medium sized schnauzer, that showed up at my back door after one of the worst tornado storms in our area sometime in April of 2006. He just sat there, and looked at me, calmly, as if he was really thinking things through. He was young about a year old at the time. He love my mom, and my daughter, and was with us throughout some really rough and amazing times. Oh God that dog had so much love, so much that at times I would look at him and say… Amos, I don’t deserve you! In June of 2016, he had a terrible untimely death. I hate to still think about it. It was early June; I had returned from the grocery store. Like so many times before, as I was taking the bags of groceries in my house as Amos ran out and jump into my SUV. This was a typical habit of his, his way of showing that he missed me. But this time, I was not paying attention when he went into the car, and I shut him in. A few hours later I realized I hadn’t seen him. I thought he was with my daughter in her room. I went outside, and as I was walking towards the car… I knew! He was already dead, stiff, as I picked him up in the floorboard of the back seat. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was my fault. This is my first time ever writing this and it hurts so much! Because that pain and sorrow has never left. But I am going to bear this pain so that I can tell you what happened within the next couple of weeks.

I wanted to have an OBE to see Amos, to tell him I was sorry for his death. In the past, during OBEs I had often seen my pets. Most of the time it was right after I had left my body, I would often see Amos at the foot of my bed, and the cats here and there. Many times, they would follow me out of my room and through the house. My cat Cleo, my tiny calico who is 13 years old, has often even followed me into other dimensions. It became a norm, for me to see my fur children at the point of exiting out of my body, they were there, just like they were in the physical, as if it was normal for them to see me come out of my body.

About two weeks after Amos died, I had an OBE while sleeping on my couch. I raised up, and there he was, sitting on the floor next to me. I reached down and grabbed him, and, he was happy to be hugged by me. It was as if nothing really changed for him. He was there as he has always been. Since then, I see him, sometimes I hear him bark at night. When I exit during OBEs, he is often there, just like he never left. And the coolest thing? When I see him, he is no longer an old dog, but a very young one.

Cats on the Other Side

I think that cats are a little different. They become entangled to us too. One of my cats, Reece is an incarnation of Casey, another cat I had over 12 years ago. They are also independent and aloof just like they are in the physical. I do think that cats are so in-tuned to the other side that it’s not so much of a transition for them. They keep their independence and curiosity and explore the other side and visit us often.

So in seeing past and present ets on the other side, some may believe that our pets do not go into the afterlife or “heaven”, that is not true. All life is interdimensional. I once went inside of a tree that is in my front yard. That tree was also there. I traveled into it and was part of the tree and could see the inside cells of the leaves. Our fur children are part of our soul group just like other humans, they are forever quantumly entangled to us.

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