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The Human Light Bulb: Experiencers And Electrical Devices

Electromagnetic sensitivity validates the mystical belief that spirit/soul is comprised of energy

Kalki Mahavatar, Author and Lecturer

Last week I was standing underneath my kitchen light. Suddenly, the bulb made an unusual high pitched, screeching noise, “popped” and blew out. I found this slightly odd and perplexing. After all, bulbs usually “blow” at the exact time one turns a light switch on.

I was in the kitchen a few days later when all three of the room’s lights flickered on and off. I had an electrician check for malfunctions/other related issues, and yet, there are none.

On numerous occasions, bulbs dim, burn out or flicker when I approach them. Televisions spontaneously go on or off.

If this rarely happened, I would assume it was coincidental. However, the frequency with which this phenomenon occurs seems more than a "mere" coincidence.

I am an Anomalously Sensitive Person (ASP) and lifetime experiencer of extraordinary experiences. Thus, I have high levels of sensitivity not only in the emotional realm, but also in the physiological, cognitive, altered states of consciousness, and transpersonal (metaphysical) realms as well.

With such highly attuned sensitivity, ASP’s commonly report heightened electromagnetic sensitivities and strong electromagnetic fields. It is possible that extraordinary experiences "rewire” an individual’s energy field, resulting in heightened electro-sensitivity.

Individuals who experience extraordinary phenomena (especially multiple incidents, as myself) often develop exceedingly strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs). When in proximity to electronic devices/electricity sources, these intense energy fields cause interference with a myriad of electronics, including computers, light bulbs, watches, GPS devices, and even insulin pumps and defibrillators!

PMH Atwater, near-death experiencer, researcher, and speaker, has an exceptionally strong energy field. She describes how her off the chart electromagnetic sensitivities have impacted her public speaking engagements:

During the 2001 IANDS Conference held in Seattle, I was the first speaker on the docket before Melvin Morse, MD. Soon after I began, the overhead lights started to undulate off and on in waves and patterns that increased in intensity. Everyone in the room saw it … I was so embarrassed. I stopped talking and prayed with all my heart that they stop. Finally, they did. No one else experienced anything like that, nor did the lights “misbehave” again.

During the 2003 IANDS Conference in Hawaii, I was seated about seven to eight feet from the recording equipment used for Bruce Greyson’s keynote address. Afterward, the tape was blank. Bruce’s entire presentation was forever lost. I was “asked” by IANDS after that to never again sit close to recording equipment at their conferences.

During a presentation I was giving about the aftereffects of near-death states to the Psychology Class at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I mentioned electrical sensitivity, the lights popped from a sudden power surge. This only affected the building where I was. This type of thing has happened so often at talks I have given, that I have learned to calm my energy down before I speak. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Medical research scientist Richard Bonenfant conducted a study on unusual electromagnetic aftereffects on abductee experiencers. One survey respondent described her newly heightened EME field:

“I moved to the city and was renting a house with my daughter. The light bulbs in the house would literally blow over my head showering me [with] bits of glass. The electrician couldn’t explain it.”

Another respondent noted frequent difficulties and/or computer malfunctions and feeling "jinxed” around electronic devices.” She additionally experienced lights flickering or turning off and on by themselves or blowing out in her presence.

Similar comments were reported in an Abductee study by researchers Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner (2012). Interviewees noted:

Malfunctioning computers, watches, appliances, radios, cameras, and compasses.

Some reported that light bulbs blow out or blink off and on and the hands on their watches spin.

Others mentioned that streetlights blink out when they drive or walk under them. Another stated that when she became emotionally upset light bulbs would “shoot in the room I was standing in.” Televisions, appliances, and computers would automatically switch themselves off and on.

I believe what research contends- that an experiencer’s energy vibrates at a higher frequency than “the norm.” My own occurrences have, without a doubt, greatly heightened and “realigned” my electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately, and very annoyingly, I spend a lot of money on light bulbs and frequently replacing electronic equipment!

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