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The Meaning of "OM"

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

The Meaning of OM, and expressing it during an out of body experience.

6-17-12 From OBE Journal

I laid down about 2pm, meditated for about 30 minutes then rolled on my side to have an intentional OBE.

I felt the vibrations come. On an off they would come and go. I had a lot of trouble exiting, it seemed like no matter what, I couldn't get out, I must have been too close to wakefulness. I even exited a couple of times, returning to my body. I finally got out enough to hurry to the door, getting fast away from my body.

I went outside. It was dark. I looked up into the sky and saw so many sparkling stars, they were beautiful. When I first looked at them there were so many and all of them were shimmering. I looked around at the surroundings, and then when I looked up at the sky again, the stars had what it seemed to be human (or rather humanoid) skulls dispersed within them... thousands of them- although it did not appear to be strange to me nor was I worried or scared about it. I seemed to have been in a neighborhood and could see green bushes and grass all around. I tried not to get caught up in the scenes to go exploring, I tend to have ADD when I explore. I concentrated to have greater awareness and clarity. I looked down in the grass and sat down. I closed my eyes and started to meditate; I did the sound of “OM”. When I first began, I could hear my voice, then it was no longer my voice at all. This voice resonated within me and out beyond me, a very deep vibratory sound coming from everywhere. It was as if the Universe itself was vibrating this sound of “OM” through me. I was no longer me but the sound. Then I woke up.

I knew that the symbol and the sound “OM” are very sacred. So, by posting this OBE from 2012, I wanted to research the meaning of “OM”

Most people, especially those that are spiritual, are familiar with the “OM” symbol. You might see it on someone’s necklace, a tattoo, or a picture of it on a wall. I have a ring of the “OM” symbol that I purchased at a UFO convention. So, ever since I had the OBE in 2012, I knew that it was significant, but I never really stopped to understand its meaning.

There are layers in the meaning of its sound and shape. The sound “OM” is a primordial sound from which the entire universe was created. In ancient Hindu texts it is considered the “God as Sound” or “God as vibration.” Chanting Om is believed to help us tap into the universal energy. Om connects us to our spiritual practices in a deeper way by creating spiritual awareness. It helps to relax the body, brain and the nervous system. “It brings us to subtler levels of awareness leading to the reunion of the Supreme”. When the sound reverberated through me, I felt that I was the universe. At first, I was there in my head, then I was gone, and I felt/saw the universe around me, I could see stars, and energy pulsing through me.

The “OM” Symbol

The Om symbol has three distinct meanings.

1. The symbol is the mirror of the mind’s journey. The curves of the Om represent the waking state, the dream state, deep sleep, and transcendence.

2. The symbol represents the three qualities found in nature. These are Sattva (harmony), Rajas (movement), and Tamas (inertia). Interesting to me is that this reminds me of physics, and how all things living and inert contain all three of these qualities in various degrees.

3. It represents the image of the Ganesha, which is the Hindu God of beginnings. “The upper curve of om is identified with the head or the face of Ganesh. The lower curve is his belly, and the twisted curve on the right side of om is the trunk.”

That was a very profound OBE. Little did I know of the meaning of “OM”, and I was immensely surprised with what happened. During an OBE we are closer to the source of all things… to the universal mind. I am incredibly grateful to have had the experience of the universe rushing through me. Even more surprising is that it was just a simple act of surrendering.

Of course, the humanoid skulls embedded in the stars also had meaning. Do they mean that the origin of mankind is in the sky? Or that we as humans are part of this amazing beauty of what we see when we view the sky? To me, it definitely represents a connection of us to the stars.

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