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Transcending the Present

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Transcendence: A state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience

For nearly all of us, 2020 has been a scary, uncertain, and extremely challenging year. We are experiencing the first national pandemic since 1918. We are living in a new, unfamiliar world-one of social distancing and isolation, loss of loved ones and/or jobs, economic instability, virtual learning, sanitizing like crazy, and fearing we may catch this insidious virus. We are faced with mounting political and social division, inflammatory rhetoric, racial tensions, and incredibly entrenched viewpoints-a nation on edge. The future of the stock market is uncertain. Daily Investment News states that the 2021 stock market is very much up in the air. It is very hard to predict what is going to happen with a newly elected president and a public health crisis that is still raging. Top that off with a stressful and drawn out Presidential election, and ever-changing governmental policies and agendas. How are us ‘spiritually-oriented’ people coping? Personally, I am having a tough time rising above everyday commotion and uncertainty. I am struggling to release multiple worries. Today I read an article by Bevin Niemann, founder of, a website designed to connect with other empaths, light-workers, deep thinkers, and spiritual seekers. I would like to share it with you: Most who are on a strong spiritual journey have likely heard about the concept of transcendence, the ability to rise above our day-to-day existence, elevate to a much higher view, or even to completely release worry, pain and suffering through non-attachment. Some believe transcendence is the goal, the ultimate destination for our spiritual wholeness.

However, the flip side of transcendence is by-passing, a tendency to avoid uncomfortable or painful feelings, situations or avoid your shadow self by focusing exclusively on positivity, love and light.

Recently, I've witnessed many examples of people's desire to transcend and their tendencies to by-pass (including my own).

I've been watching people online, calling each other out for one or the other. 'You're too focused on love and light and ignoring the difficult things happening in our world right now!' while the other side retorts: 'Stop bringing in negativity, we can only manifest the world we want by focusing on a positive future.'

'Unity , consciousness is where we're going!' Stop burying your head in the sand!'

Back and forth, debating two ends of the same continuum. Some spiritual seekers are drawn to practice the art of transcendence, while others dive into the shadowy regions within to address and heal inner wounds. Many pursue a combination of both. I believe which direction you decide to focus, depends on the particular circumstances. And, what has been your go-to tendency in the past.

If you've strictly been a transcendent type, perhaps the darkness has something important to teach you this time. If you've been slogging around in the muck for quite a while, maybe it's time to come up to the surface for a breather. We often long for one clear path.

It's all about love and light. No, the real work happens in the shadow. For me, the opportunity for “real work” always occurs during dark, challenging, and uncertain times in my life. Do I always utilize this opportunity? No. I'm only human. For most of us, 2021 will take a new type of resolve-one in which we focus on healing, unity, and hopefulness.

We must focus on transcending the bleak days of 2020-looking beyond the darkness, and instead, concentrate on hope and a positive future. I realize it may seem daunting, but it is possible. And that in itself is hopeful.

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