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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

After an extraordinary experience, many people report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity, a transformation of their self-concept. They see themselves as more than matter – more aware and alive. They express profound inner wisdom based on their personal spiritual experience. Many report being connected to something greater than themselves, connected to the very source of life. They describe a powerful feeling of breaking through a dense barrier of ignorance, fear, and limitation.

Through my OBEs, my inner transformation has been profound. Through these spiritual experiences my previously held belief systems disintegrated. I no longer believe in the dogma of organized religion and belief systems of society; my knowledge is based upon my experiences.

What do I believe in? I believe in nothing, nothing at least that is connected to societal or cultural belief structures. Within us is the wisdom that brings sovereignty. It’s invigorating and brings an overpowering sense of freedom.

I find that many people want to be told what to believe and think, which gives our mental freedom away. Individuals have been told to hold fast to blind faith and principles. They are brainwashed that questioning these beliefs are blasphemous. I find the opposite to be true. We are meant to question things, to doubt and to find our own answers. That is the true nature of the universe.

Some of this transformation has taken me decades to materialize, whereas, certain things occurred in instantaneous paradigm shifts. The lengthy part was acquiring the knowledge to “unlearn what I had been taught by family, society and the educational system. I had to let go of prejudices and judgements, and I hesitantly admit, that I had many. Then I slowly let go, and turned my back on many aspects of society that feed us these untruths. Oh, what lies we are fed. At times this makes me feel sorrow, to look at the insanity of inherent in our society. The freedom to let go, yet simultaneously deal with the grief and the feeling of being alienated is challenging, yet essential for spiritual transformation.

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