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Amped Up? Electromagnetic Fields and Extraordinary Experiences

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I am always told how much "energy" I have. This inevitably occurs on days that I feel like an utter, complete zombie. The days following a sleepless night, when three cups of coffee isn't cutting it. The days I can't string two coherent sentences together. The days I steel myself to power through each hour. At such times, I am mildly amused by this statement. I know my sunglasses (barely) manage to cover the dark bags under my eyes, but still.....? So I ask, "Energy? I can barely put one foot in the front of the other today! What do you mean?" Their response? "It's not how you act. You have a strong energy field-I can feel it."

Research demonstates there is strong correlation between extraordinary experiences and one's electro-magnetic field. All living things produce magnetic fields; indeed, tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations, also known as biomagnetic fields (biofields). It is widely accepted that the human energy field extends between 2-3 feet beyond the body, in a 360% radius. Thus, it makes sense when we feel others are "invading our personal zone" (or energy field), if they stand less than two feet away. They really are!

However, since we cannot "see" energy, how do we know this? In 1887, Heinrich Hertz first demonstrated the existence of the electromagnetism. In 1939 Russian inventor Seymon Davidovitch Kirlian invented a type of camera able to capture the human electromagnetic, or biofield. Kirlian photograpy reveals visible “auras” (the energy field surrounding a person), and is frequently the subject of parapsychology, research, and alternative healing.

All humans are surrounded by energy fields detectable by Kirlian photography. Most individuals emit weak electromagnetic fields, vibrating at low frequencies. Yet, inexplicable experiences may actually raise the energetic frequency of our bodies.

Electromagnetic Effects (EMEs) are a particularly fascinating outcome of extraordianary experiences. It has been suggested that electromagnetic sensitivity validates the mystical belief that spirit/soul is comprised of energy. Perhaps, as one moves from the lower vibrating frequencies of the physical body into higher vibrational frequencies of the non-physical, energetic changes occur. In fact, numerous experiencers claim they now “vibrate at a higher frequency” and have been “rewired”, or “re-aligned” since their experience.

Many state that their energy is now "extremely intense" and "powerful." In fact, it may be strong enough to significantly interfere with electronic equipment. This is certainly the case with world-renowned near-death experierence (NDE) researcher PMH Atwater.

PMH Atwater is a three-time NDEer. Atwater describes how her now off-the chart electromagnetic sensitivities have impacted her public engagements:

"During a 2001 conference held in Seattle, I was the first speaker on the docket... Soon after I began, the overhead lights started to undulate off and on in waves and patterns that increased in intensity. Everyone in the room saw it...I was so embarrassed. I stopped talking and prayed with all my heart that they stop. Finally, they did. No one else experienced anything like that, nor did the lights “misbehave” again. During a presentation I was giving about the aftereffects of near-death states to the Psychology Class at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I mentioned electrical sensitivity. The lights popped from a sudden power surge. This only affected the building where I was. This type of thing has happened so often at talks I have given, that I have learned to calm my energy down before I speak. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t."

I relate to Atwater. I have had hundreds of extraordinary experiences. These have significantely heightened my electromagnetic field. I am energetically "wired" differently than most. Oftentimes, I walk into rooms and lights flicker. In my presenceTVs and radios inexplicably turn on, or shut off by themselves. I have seen undulating waves of energy. It's a little freaky, but it's my life.

Let's keep in mind that highly energetic people are not necessarily "hyper"or "amped up." We might be. Or, as PMH Atwater, myself and countless others, we may just be experiencers. We appreciate you understanding that distinction.

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Barbara received her MA and Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Prior to receiving her post-graduate degrees, she worked as a pre-K to 6 educator. She currently researchers, writes, and speaks about extraordinary phenomena, the anomalous-prone personality, and consciousness. Barbara is a Board Member of the PLR Institute (Past-Life Research Institute), and served on the research committee for the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Consciousness and Contact. She has been published in blogs, print, and online magazines, and is a contributing author to the book, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, by Dr. Penny Sartori (Watkins, 2017). She has written her first book, Convergence: The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences, with co-author Lynn Miller, MS.  Barbara is a life-long experiencer of inexplicable phenomena. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and three quirky, misbehaved felines.


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Lynn holds dual BA degrees in Psychology and Biology, and a MS in Biology. For several years, she worked in the food industry as a microbiologist. Lynn served as an Adjunct Professor at Pensacola State College, where she taught Botany, Microbiology, and Biology. She has taught High School Biology and art, k-12 for thirteen years. Lynn is a collaborating author in the upcoming book: "A Greater Reality" available Spring, 2020. She is a frequent co-host with Brent Raynes, Alternate Perception Audio Interview Series. Influenced by the work of William Buhlman, Lynn has practiced controlled out-of-body experiences since 2009.  For over fifteen years, she has extensively researched consciousness. 

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