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Visits From the Afterlife: Energy Beings

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.

-Anais Nin, French Novelist

In the fall of 2016, my dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. A few weeks before he died, I asked him if he would ‘visit’ me after his death, clarifying exact what I meant.

Me: “Dad, when you visit me, please do so in a REALLY BIG, UNMISTAKABLE WAY. A way that cannot be mistaken or discounted. You used to smoke pipes, so maybe you could fill a room with (the extremely distinctive odor) of pipe tobacco?”

Dad: “Yes, I will visit you on earth after I pass.”

Me: “Dad you know what I mean right? In a big way?”

Dad: “Yes, I do and I will.”

It has now been 4 ½ years since my dad passed away. Dad hasn’t visited me in either a conscious or dream state. This has saddened and greatly frustrated me. Has dad forgotten our conversation? Too busy on the other side? Is he just “done” with earth, as we know it, not wanting to revisit during these crazy times? Or perhaps, he believes a visit isn't necessary. After all, I am already a believer, and do not need reassurance that the after-life is real.

Whatever the reason, I miss him dearly. It is true that time heals. Yet, it never heals all the way. We continue to grieve our loved one. Not as often, not as intensely. Yet, a hole remains in our heart- a piece of it forever missing.

Two months ago I scheduled a reading with a friend who is a medium.

Me: “Why hasn’t my dad come to visit me?”

Medium: “He’s here, around you. You can’t see him because you won’t let him in. Your left brain is too busy-he can’t come through right now. He’s telling me he will be guiding you with you professional work.”

Me (Internally, to myself) Sigh. Lots of frustration. More sadness. Angry at myself that I can’t still my left brain. 4 ½ years and nothing. Nada. Zip.

A month after my reading I joined a group of like-minded individuals. In other words, curious people who are fascinated by extraordinary and inexplicable happenings. We call ourselves the “Seekers.” The group is the brainstorm of Brent Raynes, my friend, colleague, and Editor of Alternate Perceptions online magazine. (

Tonya Maida is a member of our group. Additionally, she is a Reiki Master, medium, certified hypnotist, yoga teacher, and spiritual life coach ( Last week we were honored to have Tonya volunteer to conduct a Soul Contact Session, which she describes as:

A gentle form of hypnosis allowing access to higher states of consciousness, which allows for contact with guides and recall of memories between lives and past-life experiences.

I am fascinated with past-life recall, so of course, I immediately volunteered to participate. I made the decision to let this session evolve organically. I had no particular outcome in mind.

Thus, imagine my surprise when during Tonya’s guided meditation, I received THE VISIT FROM MY DAD (or the non-visit) I mentioned earlier. This was not just a BIG visit. This was huge, mind-blowing, amazing experience (Dad must have been saving up his energy for all these years for this one!).

As our session began, I lay down on my massage table, headphones on my ears. Shortly afterwards, I was in an incredibly relaxed, hypnotic trance state.

Tonya asked me to visualize a beautiful scene, complete with brook/river, surrounded by lush foliage. Normally, it is extremely easy for me to visualize-in fact, I utilize all five senses during hypnosis. Yet, for some reason, the scene was continually obscured by what I can best describe as a “colorful fog.” At this point, my body began periodic, uncontrollable jerking. Tonya assured me these were merely energetic releases (a good thing).

The colorful fog suddenly shifted form-becoming a beautiful, white, spiraling tunnel. I was drawn to the tunnel’s glowing brightness, and quickly floated through it. As soon as I “popped out” through the other end, I was surrounded by a brilliant and cloudless blue sky.

I found myself sitting on top of the tunnel opening, looking down into the vast structure. At this point I recall thinking, “Well, this definitely isn’t a past-life regression. What am sitting here for? The tunnel experience was really cool, but what now?”

The “what now” suddenly appeared as a massive energetic presence-so vast, it filled the entire sky. This presence was my dad. He did not appear in a physical form. Rather, he consisted of pure energy, surrounded by and bathed in white light. For a brief moment, his face appeared in the center of this energetic mass. It was not the aged face of my eighty-eight year old dad; rather, he appeared as his forty-something self.

His non-physical form was immense, limitless really. Yet, he seemed hesitant to reach out to me. Why? I didn’t understand. Beautiful light beings appeared behind and to each side of him. I immediately “knew” that one of the beings was my maternal grandmother (to whom I had been extremely close to). I did not recognize the other presences. The other beings gently pushed my dad closer to me. Perhaps he did not possess the energetic strength to fully reach me himself.

I waited for his voice…I desperately wanted to communicate with him. “What’s is like on the other side, Dad? Do you have any messages for me? Any guidance?” Yet, there was nothing but silence. I found this confusing, as in physical form, dad was a voracious talker. Then it began to dawn on me. Communication does not need to be expressed in verbal or telepathic form. Rather, love is a language in and of itself; the language of Source/God/All-There-Is; communication on a soul, rather than physical or mental level.

I began to feel intense waves of energy encircle every layer of my being: my physical emotional, and subtle bodies. Although invisible to the human eye, each subtle body is a layer of vibrating energy, which lays beyond the denser physical body. We are multi-dimensional beings comprised of seven subtle bodies, which energetically connect to physical and non-physical realms. Some individuals are able to "see" non-physical energy during meditation.

This is how dad and I were able to connect- through an invisible field of intensely loving, highly vibrating energy. The swirling, restorative light-energy continued to encircle and fill my body. I could sense dad’s energy form gaining strength.

Two (what I perceived as) “arms” or long strands of energy, emerged from dad’s center. At the end of each strand was a hand-shaped form. As one arm reached down toward towards my body, I felt an especially strong jolt of energy.

My left arm rose up to meet his. I was awestruck. It was a beautiful, amazing, overpowering moment. I was fully aware my arm was raised, yet, I was unable to control the motion. After all of these years of waiting and waiting for dad to visit, his energetic hand was holding my physical one.

Throughout my life I have had several extraordinary experiences. This one, however, was exceptional and incomparable-a truly Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE). At this point, Tonya gently guided me out of hypnosis. Yet, I did not want to return to my dense, physical body. After such powerful, loving, and healing experience, who would?

Almost a week has passed since my regression. I feel emotionally lighter. More at peace. More grounded. Happier. The last few months have been emotionally grueling. I have felt spent, drained, and, at times, anxious. This healing experience occurred at the perfect moment, and in exactly the way I needed it. A restoration, so to speak, of my emotional and mental bodies.

Human words cannot describe the beauty or impact of Dad’s visit. Yet, this experience taught me a very mortal lesson. We cannot dictate when, where, or how our passed loved ones may appear to us. They make themselves known to us only when we are receptive and open- when we invite them in with loving intention.

As all-loving, highly evolved beings, they attend to our earthly needs in ways that are always in our highest interest, even though, in earthly form, we may not be aware of what that is.

It was when I was least anticipating dad’s visit when he appeared. This experience was worth waiting for-every minute of every day of the last 4 ½ years. Dad, thank you for this beautiful, healing gift.

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