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Wormholes: The Stuff of Science Fiction?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Wormhole: A hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time.

In basic terms, a wormhole is a tunnel with two open ends, each at a separate location and or time period. Wormholes are a key element in science fiction because they (theoretically) allow for interstellar, intergalactic, or even inter-universe travel.

A wormhole is an incredibly difficult concept to understand, as it distorts our earthly comprehension that time travels in a linear fashion. I always understood this concept in a very vague, abstract manner. However, this understanding radically changed in October, 2017, when I suddenly “got it.”

In October of 2017, I attended a Consciousness and Contact Conference in Miami, Florida. Prior to the event, a cocktail party was hosted for conference speakers and selected attendees (including myself). Approximately fifty people were in attendance. The event was held at a privately owned home, which, in actuality, was a breath-taking mansion.

One of the attendees (who I will refer to as John) was a self-proclaimed “contact specialist,” or one who possesses the ability to initiate UAP contact, via conscious intention. John insisted he could successfully “call down” a craft at will. Alternately fascinated and skeptical of his proposal, guests followed John outside. Heavily bearded and dressed in a turban and caftan-type attire, John impressed me as a kooky woo-woo, a UAP attention-seeker. But what the heck. Phony or not, it sounded like an intriguing adventure.

John stood with his arms outstretched towards the sky. He repeatedly pleaded, “Please make yourself known. I invoke you to show yourself to us.” Fifteen minutes passed, yet absolutely nothing happened. What a joke, I thought. I was bored, and nearly ready to call it a night. Indeed, I heard many collective sighs of frustration. At this point, John (who was obviously slightly embarrassed and frustrated himself) requested that we all chant OM (the sound and vibration of the Universe). He believed this would speed up the process of contact. As a final measure, we all agreed to do so. Fifty of us raised our arms to the sky, and along with John, chanted OM. At the time, it seemed pointless; yet, this was the moment that everything shifted, and the inexplicable finally happened.

Let me note that by nature, I am highly sensitive to vibration. I can feel, hear, and occasionally see fluctuating waves of energy. Additionally, I am a Reiki Master, one trained to heal via "universal energy." Reiki training has greatly heightened my pre-existing energetic sensitivities. Yet, what occurred next blew my familiarity with electromagnetic fields out of the water. I have never previously, nor since, experienced anything remotely like it.

Instantaneously, atmospheric conditions changed. The air around me became charged with energy—heavy, dense, and nearly suffocating. Intense vibrations pulsated throughout my body. I was uncomfortable, my body twitching. I knew, without a doubt, that something extraordinary was manifesting (itself). As my body trembled, I saw intermittent, descending flashes of blue and pink lights. They were beautiful, shimmering, tube-like structures, unlike anything I had witnessed on earth.

I heard an attendee cry out, “I see a tunnel. It has electricity in it. It looks like a tube to another dimension, an alternate time/space.” Another shouted, “I can’t see it, but I got a picture on my iPhone. Wow, come see it, it’s amazing!” And so I did. I was speechless. The image was jaw-dropping, other-worldly—an actual distortion, or warp of time captured on film.

During the occurrence, I lost awareness of time—it seemed to “freeze.” Did the entire incident last seconds or minutes? No one had an answer.

However, we all agreed that the UAP appeared as a wormhole (or traversable wormhole), a tunnel-like structure connecting points that are separated in time/space. In other words, a traversable wormhole is a “space tunnel” linking two distant regions within our universe (or universes). Were the pink and blue structures “beings” from another universe? Perhaps. They certainly appeared to form, then drop from the wormhole.

Regardless, I absolutely believe I witnessed two distinct dimensions of space simultaneously. Time bending, so to speak. This, in itself, is an extreme distortion of time/space, as we understand it.

Wormholes are a common feature of science fiction, not conscious, daily living. How does one find human words to explain such an incomprehensible and mesmerizing occurrence? I could say the experience was jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and enormously impactful. However, these words remain woefully inadequate to describe such a magnificent, yet unfathomable incident. Yet, now I can say that I truly UNDERSTAND this complex phenomena.

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